Liquid Biotech USA, Inc. Announces Collaboration With The University of Pennsylvania And Funding Of Sponsored Research Agreement

PHILADELPHIA, June 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Liquid Biotech USA, Inc. ("Liquid") today announced the funding of a Sponsored Research Agreement with The University of Pennsylvania ("PENN") to study circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from cancer patients.  The funding will be used to assess how changes in CTC levels correlate with clinical outcomes in cancer patients undergoing a variety of anti-cancer therapies. These data will then be employed to support the design of a therapeutic, decision-making study using CTC enumeration and genetic profiling as personalized real-time guidance. The ultimate goal of these clinical studies is to utilize CTC-derived information to guide anti-cancer therapy and surveillance via Liquid's precision medicine platform.

"The clinical study we are supporting will allow us to understand the actionable biological implications of CTC determinants in real time during anti-cancer treatment" said Dr. Philip M. Sass, Chairman, President, and CEO of Liquid Biotech USA, Inc. "then we should be able to correlate CTC levels, genetics, disease stage and clinical outcome.  The goal would be that our platform empowers the oncologist to make clinical decisions quickly, with precision, and in real-time to prevent or manage the spread of cancer based on factors such as CTC enumeration and genetic markers. "

About Liquid Biotech USA

Liquid Biotech USA, Inc.'s mission is to employ our novel, proprietary platform technology to identify CTCs from cancer patients in a non-invasive manner using a blood based liquid biopsy.  We detect, enumerate, isolate and genetically analyze CTCs directly by detecting the expression of telomerase, an enzyme that is expressed in many forms of cancer but shows little to no activity in non-malignant cells.  Our mission is to develop a rapid, non-invasive and low cost diagnostic test to support physicians' management of cancer therapy.  In addition, we support internal, corporate, and academic research centered on isolating and analyzing CTCs, and employing next generation DNA profiling technology to develop innovative companion diagnostics to support drug development efforts.

Editor's Note:  PENN and certain of its faculty members are co-founders and equity holders of Liquid Biotech USA.

Company Contact:
Dr. Philip M. Sass
Chairman, President and CEO
Liquid Biotech USA, Inc.


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