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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.,  /PRNewswire/ -- Cherie from Laser Rejuvenation by Cherie at ACA is pleased to announce that she has just posted an informative blog and video that answer a common question about radio frequency skin tightening.

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As Cherie notes in the blog and video, which are part of the Skin Tips by Cherie! series, people often wonder how they can get the best results from radio frequency skin tightening--especially when they are undergoing other treatments in conjunction with the radio frequency therapy. More specifically, a patient recently asked, "How long should I wait between having a filler and getting radio frequency skin tightening?"

"As with so many other things, the short, simple answer is, 'It depends,'" Cherie notes, adding that the more accurate answer is, "We usually recommend patients wait one to two weeks after having the filler before undergoing radio frequency treatments, with a few caveats."

As Cherie explained, radio frequency treatments heat the lower layers of the skin to stimulate collagen growth, promoting skin elasticity and making it appear more youthful. "The reason we suggest having fillers or Botox done first and then using the radio frequency treatments later is because the heat generated in the underlying skin tissue may lead to displacement of the filler." The article and video note, adding that if this happens, it can eliminate the effectiveness of the filler--which is definitely not the desired outcome. This is why waiting one to two weeks is the best approach.

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