Kimmel Cancer Center of Thomas Jefferson University to Study Genomics Using Febit, Inc.’s Sequence Capture and microRNA Solutions

Published: Dec 01, 2009

LEXINGTON, Mass. (USA), and HEIDELBERG, Germany, December 1, 2009 – The Cancer Genomic Microarray Facility at the Kimmel Cancer Center of the Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, selected febit’s Geniom® RT Analyzer to advance its biomedical research by proceeding targeted Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and microRNA (miRNA) analysis.

“Geniom is a flexible and high-throughput technology for miRNA analysis and targeted re-sequencing, and with our recent acquisition of an NGS system, I believe that the febit HybSelect application will be a powerful complement to our repertoire” said Prof. Paolo M. Fortina, M.D., Director, Laboratory of Cancer Genomics at the Kimmel Cancer Center. “My laboratory focuses on the development and validation of technologies for diagnostics with emphasis on SNP detection, mRNA and miRNA profiling in a variety of cancers and other medical conditions. The automation and flexibility of febit’s technology allows us to investigate a variety of different diseases in short periods of time.”

The Kimmel Cancer Center focuses on the discovery of cancer risk factors, prevention strategies and cancer diagnostic as well as targeted cancer treatment to improve survival and quality of life for patients.

Peer Staehler, febit’s CSO, said: “We are pleased that the Kimmel Cancer Center will use the Geniom RT Analyzer to evaluate mutations and miRNAs in a variety of diseases. The flexible Geniom technology keeps pace with the advances in genomic research and enables large cohort studies with statistical relevance provided by Geniom’s high degree of automation.“

About febit

febit develops, produces and markets flexible automated solutions for enabling biochip applications in Life Sciences. febit’s product portfolio includes various instruments, optimized assays and bioanalytical services, complemented by bioinformatics software and consulting.

The key applications are HybSelect, febit’s innovative DNA capture method for Next-Generation-Sequencing, and hands-off, amplification free microRNA profiling. Both are taking advantage of the advanced microfluidics of the patented Geniom Biochip to offer the highest degree of automation, flexibility and efficiency available

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About Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University is composed of three colleges - Jefferson Medical College, Jefferson College of Graduate Studies and Jefferson College of Health Professions. Together they train more than 2600 aspiring scientists, researchers and other healthcare professionals. Founded in 1824, Jefferson Medical College is one of the largest private medical colleges in the country. Thomas Jefferson University partners with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

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