Jupiter Orphan Therapeutics, Inc. Adds Professor Gino Cortopassi, Ph.D. to Assist in The Company's Mitochondrial Disease Projects

JUPITER, Fla., March 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Jupiter Orphan Therapeutics, Inc. (JOT) today announced that the well-known scientist Gino Cortopassi, Ph.D. joined JOT as a member of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

"This is a great and timely addition to our company. Dr. Cortopassi's knowledge, network and reputation is very valuable to JOT's strategy to apply its JOTROL™ platform product to several rare diseases affected by mitochondrial biogenesis," stated JOT CEO, Christer Rosén.

Dr. Cortopassi stated, "I am excited about being able to work with JOT to bring drugs to patients who are waiting for a solution to their rare disease. It is well published how resveratrol boosts mitochondrial biogenesis but the poor bioavailability has stopped its utilization as an effective therapy. JOTROL™, based on pre-clinical trial, seems to be the solution to finally unlock the true potential of resveratrol. We have identified 11 mitochondria related indications where JOTROL™ can be utilized and are looking forward to get projects kicked off."

About Professor Gino Cortopassi, Ph.D.
Currently Professor of Molecular Biosciences at University of California - Davis. Received his B.Sc. from Stanford (Biology), Ph.D. from UC Berkeley (Biochemistry), has previously been a Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at University of Southern California.

Dr. Cortopassi has authored/co-authored multiple scientific papers primarily related to mitochondrial science.

About Jupiter Orphan Therapeutics
Jupiter Orphan Therapeutics, Inc. (JOT) is a clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company developing therapies for rare diseases. JOT, a Delaware Corporation with its principal office located in Jupiter, FL, USA, was founded in the summer of 2015. In its short period of operations, JOT has assembled a very strong management and scientific team, developed JOTROL™ as a platform product to treat multiple rare diseases as well as collaborating with established partners in other disease areas.

For more information, visit http://www.jupiterorphan.com/.

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