Ithaka Acquisition Corp. Announces Meeting Date For Special Meeting Regarding ALSIUS Corp.

Published: Jun 08, 2007

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ithaka Acquisition Corp. (OTCBB:ITHKU)(OTCBB:ITHK)(OTCBB:ITHKW)(“Ithaka”) announced today that its special meeting of stockholders will be held on June 21, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. eastern time, at the offices of Graubard Miller, Ithaka’s counsel, at The Chrysler Building, 405 Lexington Avenue, 19th Floor, New York, New York 10174. Ithaka stockholders of record as of May 9, 2007 will be invited to attend Ithaka’s special meeting of stockholders and vote on six proposals, including (i) the approval of the Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of October 3, 2006, as amended, among Ithaka, Ithaka Sub Acquisition Corp., a Delaware corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of Ithaka, Alsius Corporation, a California corporation (“Alsius”), and certain stockholders of Alsius, pursuant to which Alsius will be acquired by Ithaka, (ii) the approval of the amendment to Ithaka’s certificate of incorporation to change the name of Ithaka from “Ithaka Acquisition Corp.” to “ Alsius Corporation,” (iii) the approval of an amendment to Ithaka’s certificate of incorporation to increase its authorized capitalization, (iv) the approval of an amendment to Ithaka’ s certificate of incorporation to remove those provisions that will no longer be operative upon consummation of the merger and (v) the approval of the 2006 Equity Incentive Plan (an equity-based incentive plan).

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