InfoMedics, Inc. Shows Strong Growth in 2008 and Invests for Pharmaceutical Marketing Success in 2009

Published: Jan 29, 2009

READING, MA--(Marketwire - January 29, 2009) -

InfoMedics, Inc., the leader in patient feedback solutions, today reported a strong growth in business in 2008 and a positive start to 2009. The company credits its success to a continued increase in the scope of solutions offered by InfoMedics, coupled with innovative new products designed to differentiate clients' brands in a crowded and challenged industry.

The company has increased its average program size by 30 percent since 2006. At just one month into the year, InfoMedics has scheduled development of more than half the total number of programs which the company launched in all of 2008. InfoMedics continues to expand its reach into a wide range of therapeutic categories, including oncology, neurology and pulmonology.

"2008 was a challenging year for the pharmaceutical industry, as we saw the decline of the blockbuster drug and increased scrutiny of traditional marketing practices," said Gene Guselli, CEO, InfoMedics. "Budgets were tight, marketing programs were held to a higher standard, and we are proud to say we met those challenges head on. Our launch phase programs delivered an average overall NRx lift of 173% among physicians last year, and our programs continued to deliver an average ROI of 4:1 for our clients."

InfoMedics' communications platform also forms the base for the new Adherence Driver™ product which was introduced in October 2008. Adherence DriverTM, is the first adherence solution to analyze and address each patient's unique treatment challenges, and open critical lines of communication to their prescribing physician.

"Adherence Driver is a program for the time," said Stanley Wulf, MD, vice president and chief medical officer, InfoMedics. "With an average of 36% of pharma sales lost due to non-adherence, it's no surprise that pharma companies are seeking a configurable and scalable solution that will generate predictable results."

InfoMedics is also experiencing a broader demand for its communications platform throughout the product lifecycle, including pre-launch.

Guselli added, "There is no question that clients see huge value in utilizing the patient feedback platform as a core solution for increasing physicians' awareness of their patient's challenges and unmet needs in certain medical conditions. We anticipate continued increase in demand and scope for these services especially in the current pharmaceutical marketing environment."

About InfoMedics, Inc.

InfoMedics, Inc. is the only pharmaceutical services provider that delivers clear, actionable patient feedback to physicians; this feedback is designed to improve patient-physician communications while providing brand insight to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Patient feedback assists physicians at the point-of-care to optimize treatment outcomes and improve medication compliance. InfoMedics' programs facilitate the communication channel between physicians and patients around the prescribed pharmaceutical treatment, enhancing awareness and accelerating market share growth.

InfoMedics works with the world's top 15 pharmaceutical companies. The company's programs increase average brand prescribing by 40% and deliver an average ROI of 4:1. For more information about InfoMedics, visit

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