Indivumed Inc. And Marien Hospital Cooperate In Cancer Research

Published: Jan 30, 2007

KENSINGTON, Md., Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Marien Hospital and Indivumed agreed on a close cooperation to accelerate the development of new cancer therapies. The cooperation focuses on a comprehensive sample and data collection of cancer patients, in particular, lung and colon cancer. The Marien Hospital represents one of the best cancer therapy centers in Hamburg while Indivumed GmbH has developed a special technique for collecting tissue samples. Together with Indivumed´s unique database, this cooperation improves discovery opportunities for the development of new therapies.

Prof. Hartmut Juhl, founder and CEO of Indivumed GmbH is very happy that "we can significantly expand our unique tumor biobank and database through the cooperation with the Marien Hospital and by doing so put our research and the research of our industrial and academic partners on a stronger, more broadly based foundation." The Marien Hospital hopes for an improvement of cancer therapy in a not too distant future. Prof. Christian Müller, head of Visceral, Thorax and Vascular Surgery stated, "The special clinical data collection of Indivumed during clinical treatment and aftercare enhances the inclusion of individual differences of patients in cancer research that we know is necessary to develop more effective therapy."

Indivumed is a privately held biotech company focused on the generation, characterization and interpretation of highly standardized biological samples from human cancer. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with a subsidiary in Washington DC, Indivumed has cooperation agreements with all major oncological hospitals in the Hamburg metropolitan area. A special clinical database, named indivuNET, is web-accessible and interfaces with customer databases.


CONTACT: Hartmut Juhl MD PhD, CEO of Indivumed GmbH, +49-40-413383-10,; or Kevin Sullivan, Director, Marketing and Sales ofIndivumed, Inc., +1-301-588-4650,

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