Imprimis Releases Statement Regarding Allergan Lawsuit

Published: Sep 11, 2017

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMMY), an ophthalmology-focused pharmaceutical company, today responded to a press release issued by Allergan® plc (AGN)  regarding a lawsuit Allergan USA, Inc. filed against Imprimis:

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"Imprimis will aggressively defend itself against Allergan's frivolous lawsuit and will take action against Allergan to protect its good name, never yielding to Allergan's tactics to limit patient choice and drive up the cost of ophthalmic therapies to Americans.

"Allergan, one of the most powerful Big Pharma companies in the world, has filed this lawsuit against one of the smallest pharmaceutical companies in the world, to snuff out any competition to its high drug price strategies.  Allergan, a true Goliath, is bent on ensuring that Americans continue to pay the highest possible prices for its drugs."

Allergan is a well-known professional litigant.  Here are some of Allergan's recent run-ins with the law:

  • In order to avoid paying US taxes, Allergan, which was a California-based US corporation, abandoned the United States in a legal maneuver called a tax inversion.
  • Allergan has been the subject of Federal Trade Commission crackdowns for paying generics companies to delay selling lower cost products.
  • In the heat of Congressional hearings on drug price gouging by Big Pharma, Allergan promised to 'only' raise its already high drug prices less than 10% per year.  US inflation rates have averaged 1.1% over the past four years.
  • Allergan division executives have been arrested and subjected to US Justice Department criminal action for allegedly employing illegal sales tactics.
  • Allergan has paid off millions of dollars in whistleblower lawsuits (See 1, 2) by its own former employees, alleging myriad nefarious Allergan business practices.
  • Allergan is currently being sued by numerous states' Attorney's General for allegations related to illegal 'marketing schemes' connected to its opioid products.
  • Allergan pled guilty to 'misbranding' and 'off-label promotion' of its flagship Botox® product, and was forced to pay over one-half billion dollars in fines to the federal government.
  • Despite FDA warnings that Allergan's Viberzi® product 'could result in hospitalization or death' for vulnerable patient populations, Allergan continues to advertise it widely.
  • To thwart the US legal system and avoid lower-cost generic competition, Allergan has schemed to sell patents for its Restasis® drug to a Native American tribe.

Imprimis CEO Mark L. Baum stated, "Allergan's illegal, abusive, and anticompetitive actions aimed at maintaining its obscenely high drug prices reveal its true socially unconscious values.  Despite Allergan's misuse of its massive resources against a lawful competitor, Imprimis is winning support where it counts the most: among the nation's leading ophthalmologists, and the patients that together we serve."

The Company concluded:

"Imprimis is dedicated to providing the highest quality ophthalmic pharmaceuticals to the physicians and patients who need them.  We have served more than 1,700 ophthalmologists and over half a million patients in the past three years.  Partnering with ophthalmologists to ensure special patient needs are met, Imprimis serves the most at-risk patient populations, from disabled veterans in VA hospitals to Down's Syndrome patients who cannot physically use Allergan's products. 

"Imprimis has a top-to-bottom commitment to patient welfare.  Our dozens of charitable cataract surgery missions around the world have helped not only the economically disadvantaged, but thousands of patients with physical and mental disabilities.   While Big Pharma companies such as Allergan have continued with huge price hikes for older drugs and even those off-patent, we provided AIDs patients a low-cost alternative to "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli's decision to hike the price of Daraprim® by 5,000%.  We are making lower-cost therapy options available to the residents of Flint, Michigan after Big Pharma raised the price of a lead poisoning therapy by 2,700%.  When Big Pharma raised the price of the emergency drug dispensing Epi-Pen®, our announcement of a planned lower-cost alternative immediately disciplined this anti-competitive behavior.  Our commitment to patients and physicians has never been greater.

"Imprimis complies scrupulously with federal and state laws.  Unlike Allergan, we do not ply physician prescribers with promised benefits in return for buying our products.  Despite Allergan's dubious marketing ethics, the nation's leading ophthalmologists recommend Imprimis's American-made ophthalmic formulations because of their unique value."

About Imprimis Pharmaceuticals

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IMMY) is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to producing and dispensing high quality innovative medications in all 50 states.  The company's unique business model increases patient access and affordability to many critical medicines.  Headquartered in San Diego, California, Imprimis owns and operates production and dispensing facilities located in California and New Jersey. For more information about Imprimis, please visit the corporate website at

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