Healogics iSupply Provides New Cost Reduction and Quality Opportunity for Hospitals


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. /PRNewswire/ -- Healogics® Inc., the nation's largest provider of advanced chronic wound care services, today announced the launch of Healogics® iSupply. The Healogics iSupply program is exclusively available to Healogics' hospital partners and is focused on ensuring hospitals and patients receive the best value from wound care products commonly used in Wound Care Centers® and other sites of care.

In an environment where cost reduction and quality improvement solutions are paramount, Healogics believes its triple aim value approach is the right solution at the right time. The Healogics iSupply program not only focuses on product cost, but also on improving quality outcomes as demonstrated through verifiable outcomes data and effective utilization management to reduce unnecessary waste.

"We believe that high-quality products at better prices translate into better care for people living with chronic wounds," said David Bassin, Chief Executive Officer at Healogics. "This first-of-its-kind program will be available at no additional charge to our partners, and will make a serious impact, not only on their bottom line, but on the consistency of products used during patient care. We expect this program to make an important impact on the cost of patient care. There is no other program like it today, and we are proud to deliver this new solution to our hospital partners."

The Healogics iSupply program includes a comprehensive line of advanced dressings, cellular-based tissue products and total contact cast products, each of which was selected through a rigorous analysis of published data and reviewed by Healogics' value analysis committee of leading wound care clinicians.

Participants in Healogics iSupply include: Integra® LifeSciences, BSN Medical Inc. an Essity company, Solsys Medical™, Hydrofera® and Healogics' new private label advanced dressings line (Healogics by DermaRite®). Some of the key features of this unique program include:

  • Access to market-leading rates on wound care product lines
  • Quarterly reporting on emerging product issues, feedback, utilization, tracking and an overall market value assessment
  • Education on how to minimize unnecessary product waste, resulting in ongoing cost reduction opportunities
  • Access to an unrivaled advanced wound care database that supports future standardization opportunities for supplies and quality improvement programs

"Through extensive research, we have concluded that this is the right solution for the company and, most importantly, the right solution for the patients," said Dr. William Ennis, DO, MBA, FACOS, Healogics Chief Medical Officer. "We also believe this is the right solution for our providers, who can rest easy knowing that they can confidently use these cost-effective products in the care of their wounded patients. As we enter into a new era of healthcare, we are excited to provide our clinicians and customers with products that will aid in improving patient care while reducing cost of care."

About Healogics

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., Healogics is the nation's wound healing expert. Last year over 330,000 patients received advanced wound care through a nationwide network of 700 Wound Care Centers®. The Healogics team is made up of nearly 3,000 employees, 4,000 affiliated physicians and a Healogics Specialty Physician practice group of almost 300. In addition to the company's network of outpatient Centers, Healogics partners with over 300 skilled nursing facilities to care for patients with chronic wounds, and provides inpatient consults at 85 partner hospitals. As the industry leader, Healogics has the largest repository of chronic wound-specific patient data in the country. The Healogics Wound Science Initiative, an effort launched in 2017 to provide peer-reviewed research, recognizes the value and relevance of big data and advanced analytics to drive continuous, collaborative learning towards a better understanding of how to efficiently utilize healthcare resources for patients with wounds. For additional information, please visit Healogics.com.


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