GENEWIZ, Inc. Expands Next Generation Sequencing Services With Cancer Panels

Published: Dec 03, 2012

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ--(Marketwire - December 03, 2012) -

GENEWIZ, Inc., leading global genomic service provider, announced today expansion of their Next Generation Sequencing service portfolio to include Cancer Panels. Available through Illumina and Life Technologies platforms, Cancer Panels enable GENEWIZ to screen for genetic mutations proven to play a role in cancer.

Advanced next generation sequencing technologies enable cancer panels to target over fifty cancer genes with deep sequencing, providing a high depth of coverage sensitive enough to detect rare mutations from a very small amount of DNA.

"NGS-based cancer panels allow for rapid analysis of multiple genes at a considerably lower price compared to traditional sequencing techniques," stated Dr. Yankai Jia, Director of GENEWIZ Next Generation Sequencing. "The large amount of data generated is highly technical, so it's important for researchers to have a trusted partner throughout the process who can provide the customized support and scientific expertise required."

In addition to offering the Ion AmpliSeq™ and TruSeq® Cancer Panels, GENEWIZ is actively developing custom cancer panels in effort to further advance cancer research, biomarker discovery, clinical diagnostics, and personalized medicine.

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