France Biotech Presents the Results of Its 10th ‘Life Science Panorama’ for 2011, Compiled in Partnership with Ernst & Young LLP

Published: May 22, 2012

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In 2011, France Biotech, the French association of life science companies, in partnership with Ernst & Young, published for the 10th year running the ‘Life Science Panorama’, describing the industry’s main trends for 2010/2011 in France and worldwide. This time, almost 200 French companies took part in the survey. The panorama highlights the maturity threshold attained by the life science industry, equivalent to that of the pharmaceutical industry thanks to a wide variety of highly sought-after products. It also focuses on the first acquisitions of foreign companies by French companies and the first takeovers of listed French companies. In this time of crisis, France has clearly demonstrated the momentum of this sector, but will it run the risk of decline in the years to come due to reduced financing?

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