Digisonics DigiServ Manages Enterprise-wide Software Systems

Published: Sep 24, 2010

Houston, TX - September 23, 2010 -- Digisonics is pleased to offer Digisonics DigiServ, a multi-site server that provides storage and communication management for the most complex health care system.

DigiServ provides real-time communication between all hospital sites while maintaining patient reports on an independent server at each site and in DigiServ’s Main Data Center. Once a study has been finalized at a local site, it is distributed to all of the other sites within the DigiServ environment and a copy is maintained on the local server until the study is safely archived in the Main Data Center. Other features include a comprehensive auto-restore function and an automatic reconciliation process for transmitting DICOM studies between sites.

James Devlin Vice President of Sales & Marketing 3701 Kirby Drive Houston, TX 77098 Tel: 800-940-3240 jdevlin@digison.net

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