curasan AG and TransCorp Spine Inc. Sign Supply Agreement for the US-Market

Kleinostheim, Germany, 11th January 2011 – curasan Inc., the north American subsidiary of exchange listed curasan AG, Germany, (ISIN: DE 000 549 453 8), has signed an exclusive supply agreement with TransCorp Spine Inc., Michigan, USA, for Cerasorb® Ortho block forms used to repair vertebral bone channels created during surgeries to decompress neural tissue in the spine.

These block forms may be used in conjunction with surgical technique and an in- strument system designed by TransCorp Spine Inc. that allows surgeons to achieve decompression of the cervical spine while maintaining the intervertebral disc. It is estimated that up to 40% of cervical decompressions could be treated with this technique. Initial clinical results show excellent outcomes. TransCorp Spine Inc. plans to commercialize the system in 2011.

About TransCorp Spine Inc.

TransCorp Spine Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to developing unique, commer- cially viable, minimally invasive, and tissue saving products and procedures for the treatment of compressions in the Cervical Spine. TransCorp Spine Inc. products are designed to enable the surgeon to rapidly, safely and effectively decompress the cervical spine without the need to perform a diskectomy, fusion or arthroplasty.

About curasan AG:

Exchange listed curasan AG (ISIN: DE 000 549 453 8) is one of the leading firms in the field of regenerative medicine especially in bone and tissue regeneration. In addition to the syn- thetic Cerasorb® bone substitution and regeneration material, the company has developed a future-oriented product pipeline, which will be ready for market rollout within the next few years via well-positioned contractual partners in various market segments.

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