BrachySciences And Envisioneering Medical Technology Release: Agreement Brings Prostate Cancer Advancement To U.S. Market

Published: Mar 27, 2006

ST. LOUIS, March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- New technology for improving prostate cancer treatment is now available to doctors nationwide through an agreement between TargetScan(R)-- developer Envisioneering Medical Technologies, based in St. Louis, and BrachySciences of Oxford, Conn.

Envisioneering's TargetScan brings together 3-D imaging and stationary probe design to improve brachytherapy treatment outcomes via more precise radioactive seed placements. Developed in partnership with Washington University School of Medicine-affiliated physicians in St. Louis, TargetScan will now be distributed to radiation oncologists through an exclusive distribution agreement with BrachySciences. The partnership calls for BrachySciences, maker and marketer of brachytherapy seed products and services, to introduce TargetScan and its patient benefits to more than 1,500 radiation oncologists and urologists who perform brachytherapy procedures throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

"This agreement places new technology that can improve prostate cancer treatment outcomes directly in the hands of doctors to benefit their patients," said Robert G. Mills, Envisioneering president. "Radiation oncologists and urologists who use TargetScan report greater treatment success, improved patient comfort and reduced risks of post-treatment side effects, like incontinence and sexual dysfunction."

According to Mills, TargetScan represents the first system to address the unmet treatment planning and brachytherapy seed placement needs of radiation oncologists. Unlike conventional devices, TargetScan provides physicians with a stationary probe to eliminate prostate movement during treatments and reduce procedure times. The device also offers improved 3-dimensional imaging, with views of both sagittal and transverse planes, to ensure that the brachytherapy radioactive seed implants are accurately placed at physicians' pre-planned targets.

"The partnership with Envisioneering allows our company to advance its mission of providing brachytherapists with the most innovative technologies for improving prostate brachytherapy implants," said Jim Matons, BrachySciences president. "We are delighted to have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Envisioneering as we believe TargetScan represents a major step forward in prostate ultrasound technology."

Until now, only a select group of physicians have conducted prostate cancer brachytherapy procedures using TargetScan. The director of clinical research for the Seattle Prostate Institute, Dr. Peter Grimm, regards this technology as the new standard of care for mapping, targeting and documenting treatment. "By using TargetScan we now have certainty; knowing that our treatment deliveries are accurate and that we've done everything possible to help our patients," noted Grimm.

Dr. Jeff Michalski, clinical director of the department of radiation oncology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, has been using TargetScan for eight months. Michalski found that eliminating the need to physically move the probe improves his procedures. "A stabilized prostate position allows for improved radioactive seed implantation and better brachytherapy clinical outcomes," he added.

The American Cancer Society estimates that this year will result in 234,460 new prostate cancer cases and an estimated 27,350 male deaths. Prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in men behind lung cancer.

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