BostonSight® And CoolDoctors, Inc. Announce Collaboration

NEEDHAM, Mass., March 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- BostonSight® and CoolDoctors, Inc. announced BostonSight's implementation of PeerMed, a peer-to-peer telemedicine platform developed by CoolDoctors.

PeerMed is a secure HIPAA compliant platform that allows peer-to-peer consultation and communication in synchronous and asynchronous formats, real-time video calls and submission of patient data including photos, videos, and scans. PeerMed allows for real time face to face communication and a first person evaluation, making consultation and co-management more efficient and effective.

BostonSight will utilize PeerMed in three ways:

  1. Intra-network synchronous and asynchronous communication between BostonSight® PROSE providers across BostonSight's international networks.
  2. In an educational capacity, using PeerMed to provide synchronous and asynchronous connectivity to residents and fellows with attending doctors during PROSE training and BostonSight SCLERAL fitting.
  3. Consultation between customer doctors fitting patients with BostonSight SCLERAL lenses and the BostonSight SCLERAL consultants who facilitate proper fitting.

Dr. John Gelles, CoolDoctors, Inc. Chief Emerging Technology Officer said, "We are thrilled to be working with BostonSight to improve the consultation, communication, and education of practitioners. The PeerMed platform will radically change consultation, but more importantly, the way health care providers communicate and exchange information. This HIPAA compliant platform will improve the level of care provided for patients, speed consultation and referral, improve access to care, lower costs, and expand provider knowledge."

Mr. Gene Guselli, CEO, BostonSight said, "We are excited to be working with CoolDoctors on this transformative telemedicine technology. This technology has the potential to fundamentally change our current business model, and offer both patients and practitioners efficiencies and conveniences not obtainable today."

About BostonSight:

BostonSight is an internationally renowned nonprofit eye healthcare organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for patients and their families by transforming the understanding, treatment and care of the ocular surface. For more information, visit

About CoolDoctors Inc:

CoolDoctors provides a suite of HIPAA compliant Telemedicine platforms allowing ECPs to create a hybrid clinic, part physical and part virtual, effectively extending care beyond clinic walls. The ocular health specific platforms are developed by a team of practicing optometrists and ophthalmologists who understand telemedicine is not a replacement for in-person evaluation but rather an adjunct to the care they currently provide. The platform extends telemedicine care to ECPs existing patients and aids in communication to other specialists in real time. For more information, visit or email

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