Artegraft, Inc. Release: 3-Year Prospective, Randomized Clinical Study at Massachusetts General Hospital Confirms Superiority of Artegraft to Cuffed Eptfe for Hemodialysis Access

Published: Jun 28, 2011

June 21, 2011 -- ePTFE (North Brunswick, NJ) The Journal of Vascular Surgery, in its June 2011 issue, has published the clinical results of a three-year prospective, randomized study comparing Artegraft® (Bovine Carotid Artery) to Bard® Venaflo® for hemodialysis access.

The study’s conclusion: The BCA graft is an excellent option for patients on hemodialysis that are not eligible for native arteriovenous fistulas, as these grafts required fewer interventions than the ePTFE grafts to maintain patency.

Artegraft vs Venaflo:

Overall Primary Patency Rate at 1 Year 60% vs10% Assisted Primary Patency Rate at 1 Year 60% vs 20% Assisted Primary Patency Rate at 2 Years 40% vs 14% Less Thrombosis, Fewer Interventions and No Pseudoaneurysms with BCA.

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