Aptuit, Inc. Drug Discovery & Development Site Hosts Autism Conference in Verona, Italy

Published: Nov 21, 2012

Greenwich, CT, November 20, 2012 – Stuart Needleman, President and Chief Operating Officer, Aptuit LLC, reported on the success of a well attended conference focusing on the varied types of autism and held at The Aptuit Center for Drug Discovery & Development in Verona, Italy.

“A gathering of approximately 300 scientists, clinicians and professionals from universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and public health institutions attended the three day event. Teachers and volunteers from not-for-profit organizations as well as individuals who share the impact of an autistic family member were on hand to learn more about the spectrum of diseases that are generally defined as autism,” said Mr. Needleman.

Mr. Needleman explained that the event was organized by ANTS, a not-for-profit organization for autism in Verona that is dedicated to supporting patients and their families who are dealing with the challenges of various types of autism.

The event featured speakers and presenters with exceptional knowledge and experience in this important area. Attendees were welcomed by Lucio Da Ros, Director, Business Development & Public Affairs from The Aptuit Center of Drug Discovery & Development on behalf of Mark Hembarsky, Vice President and site leader of the Center.

Introductions and opening remarks were made by Professor Bernardo Dalla Bernardina, Director of the Neuropsychiatric Unit of Verona Hospital and President of ANTS and “Autismo Italia”; Professor Alessandro Mazzucco, Rector of the University of Verona; and Dr. Sandro Caffi, Director of the University Hospital of Verona. Scientific presentations on emerging not-for-profit research models and on the recent results of clinical and genetic studies on autism were given by Dr. Robert Ring from Autism Speaks (USA); Dr. Pierandrea Muglia from the Italian Autism Network (ITAN) Research Area in the Smith Kline Foundation; Mr. Luciano Balbo from Oltre Venture Social Capital; Dr. Lucia Monaco from Telethon Foundation; Professor Andrew Paterson from Sick Children Hospital University of Toronto; Professor Pierfranco Pignatti from the University of Verona and Drs. Will Spooren and Enrico Domenic from F. Hoffman-La Roche. Topics that featured the latest scientific information about the root causes of autism diseases were discussed. The program of the congress also focused on the social impacts of autism with diverse and multidisciplinary sessions to discuss autism in schools, educational models and best practices and on public assistance programs.

Mr. Needleman concluded, “We are very proud that we were able to host this important scientific event and echo Professor Dalla Bernardina’s confidence that positive results will come from future research on the causes and treatment of autistic diseases. By bringing together so many people at multidisciplinary sessions, we were able to give a little contribution in an area that has such a widespread effect on the lives of so many.”

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