AntiCancer Files Second Lawsuit Against Certis Oncology

Oct. 19, 2020 10:00 UTC



SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- AntiCancer, Inc.., a worldwide leader in cancer research and the pioneer of patient-derived mouse models of cancer, announced today it has filed a second lawsuit against Certis Oncology Solutions, Inc.

The companies are locked in a long-running legal dispute over hundreds of “immortalized” patient tumor samples which AntiCancer developed and alleges were stolen by Certis, a controversial startup which was originally founded by AntiCancer.

The new lawsuit seeks a court order requiring Certis to provide shareholder and financial records requested by AntiCancer.

“We are disappointed that Certis continues to stonewall and refuses to provide information that all shareholders are entitled to,” said Robert M. Hoffman, Founder and CEO of AntiCancer. “This behavior is reminiscent of Theranos and raises troubling questions about Certis’ management of the company and its willingness to follow the law. That’s especially concerning at a time when Certis is offering Covid-19 testing to the public, in addition to providing medical advice directly to cancer patients. If Certis is not following the rules and being honest with its own shareholders, how can it be trusted with the public’s health?”

The new lawsuit, filed in San Diego Superior Court, is titled AntiCancer, Inc. v. Certis Oncology, Inc., 37-2020-35454-CU-WM-CTL.

AntiCancer, founded in 1984 and headquartered in San Diego, is the world leader in mouse models of cancer and three-dimensional tumor culture. The company has pioneered the use of these technologies for precision, individualized cancer-patient therapy. AntiCancer performs contract research for the pharmaceutical industry and has published over 1,000 innovative scientific papers. AntiCancer has subsidiaries in Tokyo, Beijing, Nanjing, and Seoul.


Qinghong Han, MD.


Source: AntiCancer, Inc.

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