Advion CMS Now Includes Elemental Formulae

ITHACA, N.Y. and SAN DIEGO, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ASMS -- Advion, Inc., a leading systems and consumables developer for the life sciences industry, announced today at the 66th American Society for Mass Spectrometry conference, a new molecular identification software suite, TAMI, for the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS). Developed by Aviv Analytical (US patent number 7345272) Advion's chemist customers can now access enhanced high resolution data from its CMS instrument.

Accessed from Advion's user-friendly Data Express software, TAMI provides elemental formulae directly from mass spectra. By use of proprietary algorithms, in combination with superb CMS performance and spectral libraries, this brings accurate centroiding and mass correction algorithms, ensuring a more accurate mass assignment. In combination with isotope abundance analysis and careful consideration of chemical valence rules this brings a high level of confidence to the suggested elemental formulae.

"TAMI offers users accurate elemental formulae equal or better than high resolution TOF," said David Patteson, Advion CEO. "Our mass spec is ridiculously versatile, easy and powerful - the sample introduction options are unrivaled, and now the addition of compound/structure ID creates a software suite that provides unparalleled levels of information."

TAMI is another addition to Advion's software suite developed for the chemist, building on the recent launch of the Peak Express software, featuring Delta Spectrum (ΔS) technology that looks beyond chemical noise and automatically detects even the smallest peaks without the user needing to know the product ion mass in advance.

The TAMI software is available now with the expression CMS. To learn more about Advion's user-friendly software suite and the variety of novel ion sources available for the expression CMS, visit

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