ABR--Affinity BioReagents Announces Agreements for U.S. Distribution of Research Antibodies

Published: Sep 13, 2007

DENVER and GOLDEN, Colo., Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- ABR-Affinity BioReagents, a leading global antibody manufacturer, further advances into the research antibody marketplace through distribution agreements with Genesis Biotech and Good Biotech Corporation.

Complementing existing distribution relationships with Antibody Shop A/S and Ab Frontier, ABR-Affinity BioReagents today finalized U.S. distribution agreements with Genesis Biotech, a manufacturer of antibodies focusing on gene function and discovery; and Good Biotech Corporation, a manufacturer of antibodies focused on disease research. These agreements will add additional products to the ABR-Affinity BioReagents antibody portfolio, which with this announcement has surpassed 32,000 quality-guaranteed antibodies and research reagents.

"By partnering with these firms, ABR-Affinity BioReagents is able to provide U.S.-based scientists access to these unique and rare antibodies from other research bases around the world," noted Ken Wilczek, President of ABR. Wilczek added that "These products represent some of the best research antibodies in the world -- and all of them have been quality-tested and are supported by the ABR 100% unconditional guarantee." Wilczek added that "ABR-Affinity BioReagents will continue to investigate and strategically partner with select worldwide antibody suppliers who produce quality products for distribution through ABR into the U.S. -- the largest scientific research marketplace in the world."

Since late 2005, ABR-Affinity BioReagents has been partnering with leading foreign-based antibody manufacturers to market and distribute research antibodies in the U.S., and these agreements have helped to solidify ABR's reputation as a "one-stop-shop" for quality-guaranteed research antibodies and custom antibody services.

About ABR-Affinity BioReagents

Founded in 1989 with world headquarters in Golden, Colorado, ABR-Affinity BioReagents is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, kits, recombinant proteins, siRNA, and custom antibody production services, known as Antibody on Demand.

With more than 32,000 antibodies focused in 42 research areas, ABR offers a unique value proposition in the life science industry -- research antibodies that are 100% quality guaranteed or your money back -- with no questions asked.

Utilizing a distribution network encompassing over 55 nations, ABR products are readily available in every research market on the globe. Products are available directly from ABR in the United States, as well as through an exclusive distribution partnership with Fisher Scientific, a division of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

For additional information about ABR-Affinity BioReagents, contact Leslie Martin with ABR media relations at 1-800-527-4535.

ABR-Affinity BioReagents

CONTACT: Leslie Martin of ABR media relations, 1-800-527-4535

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