AACR 2024: Brenus Pharma Unveils Promising and Robust Pre-clinical Efficacy Extrapolating Human Conditions with STC-1010


LYON, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Brenus Pharma unveils groundbreaking results during the American Association Cancer Research (AACR) Annual meeting 2024 – San Diego (April 5-10).

“Efficacy of the STC-10101 a new allogeneic cancer vaccine in different colorectal cancer models” | Abstract 5003 https://doi.org/10.1158/1538-7445.AM2024-5003

This communication confirms the ability of Brenus’ next gen immunotherapy, STC-1010, to fight against resistant colorectal tumors with excellent tolerability.

Additionally, multi-omics analysis of STC-1010 batches confirmed consistent quality and batch-to-batch reproducibility, through standardized and scalable production.

STC-1010 was tested in several models extrapolating human conditions (ex-vivo; in-ovo,) using PBMCs from different donors. Results showed a significant immune response activation coupled with a massive and robust tumor killing that has been consistent with our 3 latest STC1010 batches manufactured. Metastasis reduction has also been shown with in-ovo model.

Results show the potential of STC-1010 in clinical settings to treat patients with colorectal cancer causing 9.7 million death per year.

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1 STC-1010 is a next-generation cancer immunotherapy produced by Allogeneic STC's proprietary Brenus platform. It’s specifically designed to combat colorectal cancer including MSS and MSI-H populations in its first line of treatment for the first indication. STC Platform mimics relapse conditions and allows eduction of patient’s immune system against resistant tumor.
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