Visual Intelligence Licenses Miniaturized iOne STKA-ARCA Sensor Array Technology To BroadSpot For Retinal Imaging Applications

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Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA – WEBWIRE – Wednesday, January 08, 2014 -- Visual Intelligence and BroadSpot Imaging Corporation have signed an exclusive licensing agreement allowing BroadSpot to use a miniaturized version of the Arched Retinal Camera Array (ARCA™) technology in its breakthrough retinal camera for imaging of the human eye. San Francisco-based BroadSpot has developed a next-generation portable wide field retinal camera that captures high-quality images at a dramatically lower price point than existing imaging solutions. Visual Intelligence’s miniaturized sensor array will play an important role in the technical architecture of the solution, which represents a major advancement over traditional, bulky imaging machines currently in eye care offices.

“Visual Intelligence’s sensor technology, based on the innovative iOne Software Sensor Tool Kit Architecture (iOne STKATM), was designed and developed to address a broad spectrum of imaging applications based on a modular and scalable, metric component-foundation paradigm. Our initial focus has been the geospatial industry where we have brought to market a suite of next-generation solutions for capturing high-resolution/metric, high-quality imagery of the earth’s surface at a lower cost than traditional sensors. However, we have known all along that our technology would be just as disruptive and revolutionary in other fields. Our patented technology has exciting applications in areas such as unmanned aerial vehicle, mobile/handheld devices and now, a truly transcending application in the medical field,” said Visual Intelligence President and CEO Dr. Armando Guevara.

Guevara added: “BroadSpot’s use of the iOne STKA is a great example of putting our miniaturized sensor array to use in solutions that will do remarkable things in the field of eye care–all within our vision of higher collection, quality and accuracy for less cost. The team at BroadSpot is doing impressive work to disrupt and advance the field of retinal imaging, and we are very proud to be able to contribute to an integral part of their design and solution delivery. BroadSpot will be the exclusive licensee of the ARCA patents for ophthalmology applications, and we are excited to be working with them on this medical solution for the benefit of human-kind.”

Currently, the vast majority of retinal images are taken with non-portable, non-contact cameras located within an eye care provider’s outpatient office. Patients must walk to or be transported from an examination room to the camera room and sit in front of the camera. Before BroadSpot’s solution, there was no satisfactory retinal imaging technology for patients who are unable to visit an eye care provider’s office or who have mobility limitations that make it difficult to use traditional machines. Patients with these limitations represent a growing proportion of patients in all types of eye care practices. BroadSpot’s retinal camera is portable and cost-effective, allowing providers to obtain high quality images regardless of patient position or mobility status.

“Our retinal imaging solution is a major technological leap forward for eye care. It will help optometrists and ophthalmologists improve the quality of care for a growing patient population and do so more cost-effectively,” said Tushar Ranchod, M.D., President and CEO of BroadSpot. “Visual Intelligence’s patented technology plays an important role in our design, allowing our products to capture precise, high-quality images. Thanks to this corporate partnership, the ARCA technology will help BroadSpot’s products improve eye care across a variety of eye care specialties and a variety of health care settings, both in the US and abroad.”

About ARCA

Visual Intelligence’s patented (US and Worldwide Patents No. 7,893,957; No. 8,334,903; No. 8,471,907 and Patent Pending No. 12/462,533) ARCA design uses synchronously operating camera module heads to form a single virtual central-perspective image. The ARCA array technology enables users to collect the largest amount of 2D or 3D imagery through the smallest aperture in a single snap at the highest resolution, fastest rate and accuracy—all at lower cost.

About Visual Intelligence

Founded in Houston, Texas in 2003, Visual Intelligence LP is an industry-leading software and sensor technology company that delivers world-class geoimaging solutions for airborne, terrestrial and mobile applications. The company has a rich history of industry innovations, numerous Patents, the USGS Digital Aerial Sensor Type Certification, and the World Geospatial Forum Sensor Technology Innovation 2013 Award. Using the iOne™ Software Sensor Tool Kit Architecture, the company delivers to the geospatial marketplace the iOne™ family of Sensor System Solutions—the most economical, highest performance, most reliable, modular and scalable family of oblique/3D and engineering mapping multipurpose geoimaging sensors. They include automated 2D/3D software workflows for high speed actionable information product generation. For more information, please visit

About BroadSpot

BroadSpot Imaging Corporation was founded by its President and CEO, Dr. Tushar Ranchod, M.D., a highly-respected retinal surgeon with expertise in innovative medical devices. The company is currently in its early development stage and has a number of patents pending related to retinal imaging devices. BroadSpot’s innovative technical approach combines advanced computational optics and modern consumer electronics, and its designs have received early technical validation from leaders in the imaging market. The relatively low manufacturing cost will allow for a lower price point than current solutions while providing a higher quality image and safe use by non-eye care providers as well as eye care providers.

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