GEA Diessel at ACHEMA

Published: May 15, 2012

May 15, 2012 -- GEA Diessel will be fully represented at ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt from 18-22 June with the latest technology for pharmaceutical fermentation, food and beverage technology as well as metering systems on show.

Pharmaceutical fermentation

GEA Diessel fermentation systems are recognised worldwide to be of the highest quality. This quality is illustrated by their customised design, free from dead legs making them ideal for sterile operation; and the accuracy of the control systems that allow operators total flexibility over process parameters such as temperature, agitation, pO2 and others. In addition, the usage of the latest components and valve technologies to produce high-performance fermenters and skids allows state of the art design. GEA Diesel fermentation systems are available for single-stage and multi-stage production plant from 10 litres to 30,000 litres. They are ideal for use in microbial or cell fermentation, where the highest possible quality is required.

Beside the fermentation equipment on show, GEA Diessel will present examples for the production of syrup, suspensions, parenterals, and blood plasma; as well as for the production, storage, and distribution of clean utilities.

Food and Beverage

GEA Diessel will promote its continuous in-line blending technology DICON™ on show at ACHEMA. DICON™ is used to blend all the components of the liquids within the pipeline and feed it directly to the filler. Digital controllers keep the mixing ratio constant and fully compensate control deviations even if the flow rate changes. The DICON™ consists of the main pipeline, in which the components to be dosed are fed; the dosing sections with feeding pumps and deaeration tanks; and accurate flow meters to ensure the correct recipe. DICON™ saves space, improves accuracy and reduces product waste. It is ideal for use in breweries, for mixing soft drinks, for mixing fruit yoghurt and for the standardisation of milk and cream. DICON™ technology is also successfully in use in the Home & Body Care industry, for alcoholic drinks and spirits and niche applications for others liquids for the automotive industry like defroster fluid, liquid fertilizers and oil. In special execution and validation a DICON™ is also in the pharmaceutical industry a worthwhile investment.

Metering Systems

The electromagnetic flow meter, type IZMAG™, is suitable for metering both the flow rate and the volume of all kinds of liquids that have a minimum conductivity of 5 µS/cm. The IZMAG™ is completely made from stainless steel and it is anyway equipped with a display unit, immaterial of the device version preferred. A built-in Bluetooth interface even permits a wireless communication with the metering device.

Pulse outputs and an analog output are always available. Actions and processes can be controlled via a digital input. The IZMAG™ can be delivered either in an all-in-one version or as “separated” version of transmitter and electronics box.

GEA Diessel will be represented on the GEA Group stand in Hall 4 stand number F44.

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