Comprehensive Online Library Developed By Telomere Diagnostics Provides Resources On Science Of Telomeres

Published: Oct 09, 2017

‘Telomere Learning Center’ Links to Telomere-Related Studies, News Stories and Related Content Useful for Self-Improvement

MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Telomere Diagnostics, the leader in telomere length measurement, a recognized biomarker for aging well, and creator of the patented TeloYears™ test, has developed the Telomere Learning Center, a comprehensive online library to educate the public on the science of telomeres. The fully searchable site ( provides valuable resources to telomere-related content across a range of categories that is accessible free of charge.

“The TeloYears test was developed based on a large and growing body of scientific evidence showing that shorter telomeres are associated with a number of age-related diseases, and that lifestyle, genetic, environmental, and other factors can affect your telomere length and cellular age,” said Jason Shelton, CEO of Telomere Diagnostics. “We developed the Telomere Learning Center as the definitive online library of news and scientific research on telomere health and science for everyone interested in learning more and tracking telomere length. Because telomeres can change based on future lifestyle choices, both good and bad, it’s very important for everyone to be educated about this significant health biomarker.”

Visitors to the site can search on several broad topics to discover how telomeres work and what this means for human health and longevity. The first category provides links to basic overviews of telomeres and their function. Subsequent categories focus on the relationship between telomere length and aging; the dietary habits that associate with longer telomeres; the ways in which exercise is associated with longer telomeres and better health outcomes; the association between healthy sleep behaviors and longer telomeres; how stress and the ways we react to it impact telomere length; and findings on the links between telomeres and medical conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s to cardiovascular disease to diabetes.

About Telomere Diagnostics

Telomere Diagnostics, Inc. is a privately held molecular testing company founded in 2010 by four scientists, including the winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009 for pioneering work in telomere biology. Its lab in Silicon Valley, California, is regulated under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) as qualified to perform high-complexity clinical testing. The company measures parts of chromosomes called telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of DNA strands that shorten with age, using its proprietary quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) assay, the world’s leading method of measuring Average Telomere Length (ATL). Beyond TeloYears, the company is actively developing other potential uses of ATL to address unmet clinical needs in cardiovascular disease, oncology and reproductive health.

About TeloYears

TeloYears™ is a personalized telomere health tracking program that uses your DNA to help you measure and improve your vitality. The age of your cells in TeloYears is based on your telomeres, the dynamic, protective caps on DNA strands that tend to shorten with age at a rate that can change based on lifestyle factors both positive and negative. Years of scientific data support the link between telomeres and the aging process, and many credible institutions have published on the role of telomere length in numerous age-related diseases. TeloYears starts with just a drop or two of blood that you collect from your finger at home and send back. Then your DNA is extracted, your telomere length is analyzed and your results include how your cells compare to those of others your age and gender. Plus you’ll get personalized guidance and the option of having expert support from a TeloCoach to establish your own custom lifestyle improvement plan based on telomere science. TeloYears provides personalized knowledge of your DNA that empowers you with inspiration to improve and possibly slow down the clock on the aging process and make even smarter lifestyle decisions based on your telomere health.

To learn more about the TeloYears genetic test, please visit

The TeloYears test is not intended for screening, diagnosing, treating or preventing diseases or medical conditions. The test is available for individuals between the ages of 20 to 80 within the United States, except for the state of New York.

The information provided by the TeloYears test should not be used to replace medically appropriate screening tests recommended based upon actual age or other risk factors, nor should the information be used to make decisions about diagnosis or treatment of diseases or medical conditions. The Telomere Diagnostics lab is regulated under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) as qualified to perform high complexity clinical testing. The performance characteristics of this test were determined by Telomere Diagnostics. It has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Test reports are kept absolutely private according to our Privacy Policy and are available only in a fashion that maintains compliance with the HIPAA security rule, which regulates privacy and security of health information.

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