Creative Enzymes Provides Enzyme Activity Measurement for Alcohol Dehydrogenases

Creative Enzymes, a world leading enzyme products and services provider based in NY, USA, is pleased to provide a variety of enzyme activity assays, including enzyme activity measurement for alcohol dehydrogenases for customers all over the world.

Alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH, EC are a group of dehydrogenase enzymes that act on primary or secondary alcohols, or hemi-acetals and convert them to aldehydes or ketones via reduction of the cofactor NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). In humans and many other animals, alcohol dehydrogenases serve to decompose alcohols to avoid poisoning. 

Creative Enzymes is renowned for its particular service of measuring the activity of alcohol dehydrogenases using spectrophotometric assays. Its activity test results are highly accurate and reproducible, thanks to many years of service experiences in this field. With its core technology, Creative Enzymes is leading the activity assays of alcohol dehydrogenases with a variety of choices of substrates for a pure alcohol dehydrogenase or for an enzyme in a mixture.

“We have established robust activity assays that accurately measure ADH activity under convoluted conditions. In addition to the traditional spectrophotometric assays, colorimetric assays that could satisfy special needs such as quick activity screening or reporting enzyme activity in special systems are also developed. We do hope can help accelerate the research process of our customers with our comprehensive enzyme activity assays.” Commented the official speaker from Creative Enzymes.

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