9 Best Remote Companies to Work for in 2021 [+ Best Remote Work Tools]

A man searching for the best remote companies to work for this year.

A man searching for the best remote companies to work for this year. 

Many people are in search of the best remote companies to work for following the significant effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the workforce. 

The majority of the companies have shifted to the work from home setup, utilizing the availability of the online platform. 

Bear in mind that while many are offering jobs online, it is vital to know which ones are the best in the field.

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What Is Remote Work?

Needless to say, a large number of companies have been greatly impacted by the pandemic. Some were forced to furlough their employees, especially in industries that require physical presence for the business to work. 

As time passed, companies adjusted and embraced the new normal of having to work remotely.

Simply put, remote work is working in the comfort of your own space while providing the services to your client or your company.

For the science industry, here are some of the best remote companies to work for this year.

The Best Remote Companies to Work for This Year

1. Allergan, Inc.

Widely known for manufacturing Botox, Allergan is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on medical aesthetics, the central nervous system, as well as eye care, among others.

Best of all, they’re hiring professionals to work for them in a remote setup for certain positions and Allergan is easily one of the best remote companies to work for this year.

Allergan has available positions for:

  • Medical Science Liaison

2. Azzur Group, LLc

Catering to the health care, life sciences, and biotechnology fields, Azzur Group is a leading consulting firm, providing process engineering and project management services. 

The company has been working with some of its professionals remotely for quite some time now, and it have a great rating at Glassdoor to prove it.

Azzur group has available positions for:

  • Senior Compliance Manager – Life Sciences Consulting

3. PRA Health Sciences

PRA Health Sciences provides in-depth clinical development services for companies in different fields of science and helps create life-improving drugs, among others.

This company has over 16,000 employees from more than 80 countries and has over 75 office sites worldwide. therefore, you can depict that it is also one of the best remote companies to work for to get good exposure to the industry. 

PRA Health Sciences has available positions for:

  • Safety Scientist

  • Senior Clinical Scientist

  • Clinical Scientist – Oncology, Lung

4. Takeda/Shire Pharmaceutical

Shire, which was recently acquired by Takeda Pharmaceuticals, is a biopharmaceutical company with research and development as its priority with a focus on ADHD, gastrointestinal, and genetic disorders.

Takeda has available positions for:

  • Senior Medical Science Liaison (MSL)

  • Senior Medical Science Liaison, Hematology

  • Medical Science Liaison (Immunology)

5. Amgen

Applied Molecular Genetics, also known as Amgen, is a biotech firm that focuses mainly on human therapeutics.

Amgen is ranked 123 in the Fortune 500 and it speaks volumes on the quality of work environment it has, especially for its remote work openings, which makes it one of the best remote companies to work for.

Amgen has available positions for:

  • Senior Biopharmaceutical Representative – Oncology

  • Regional Medical Liaison – BioSimilars

6. Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a biotechnology company that develops products, scientific instrumentation, software, and provides services to life sciences and the health care industry.

This company has over 50,000 professionals working from different parts of the world contributing to the development of technology and creating solutions in the said field.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has available positions for:

  • Senior Scientific Advisor – Oncology

  • Field Applications Scientist – Microarray

  • Biologist – Life Scientist

7. Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Cactus Communications focuses on scientific advancement through education, training, and transcription services. 

In addition to collaborating with researchers and publishers, this remote company is open to people who are interested in the field of physical sciences, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, and plant sciences.

Cactus Communications is one of the best remote companies to work for and it currently has available positions for:

  • Editors – Physical Sciences

  • Editors – Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology

  • Editors – Plant Sciences

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8. The Emmes Company LLC

Emmes focuses on clinical research helping the private sectors and even the government in biotech and pharmaceuticals.

This company provides job opportunities from all around the world who can work remotely while fixing clinical data, among others.

Emmes has available positions for:

  • Senior Biostatistician 

  • Senior Clinical Data Manager

9. PAREXEL International

Parexel is a provider of biopharmaceutical services and offers its services to pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials for them to help expedite the process of drug approval.

This remote company currently has over 18,000 employees and most of them work in different parts of the world. Parexel is one of the best remote companies to work for if you are interested in clinical researchs.

Parexel has available positions for:

  • Associate Scientific Director 

  • Director, Project Leadership, Biotech

Best Tools To Use For Remote Work

How To Work Remotely?

In line with working online, productivity, collaboration, and communication are huge parts of the process. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of tools you can use to make working remotely as convenient and as productive as working in an office setup. It doesn't matter if you choose any of the best remote companies to work for or any normal company, these tools can become your saviors.

1. Google Drive

File sharing is really important, especially when everyone is working apart from each other. Google Drive makes file sharing as easy and fast as sharing a local drive.

Besides having a system for the entire team, you can grant access to certain people to either view, comment or edit a document, spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation.

This tool is accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

2. Slack

Team communication is one of the most important aspects when you choose the best remote companies to work for.

Slack is the perfect tool to make the workplace feel like you’re all working closely with each other.

This application allows teams to exchange messages, create channels for certain topics, file sharing, and even voice and video calls. 

3. Trello

Trello is a project management tool that is great for delegating tasks to your team or collaborating with them. 

It organizes thoughts, topics and ideas with a tag function to notify people involved in a project with progress.

Next to constant communication, a systematic workflow is one of the most vital ways for remote companies to succeed during the pandemic.

4. Time Doctor

Monitoring the productivity of your team, especially when you are away from them, can be done with time-keeping tools such as Time Doctor.

It can reduce wasted time while working online from anywhere. It can easily take care of payroll management, activity monitor for screen time, and take screenshots to make sure all the time spent is for the right purpose.

5. Every Time Zone

Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be around the same area or city with all your officemates. After choosing one of the best remote companies to work for employees can enjoy the freedom to be wherever they have to be anywhere in the world.

This working tool can be set to show all the time zones you need to have to check on with your workmates. You can track their time and know when will be the best time to set meetings, ask questions or collaborate.

6. Zoom

If there is one tool that became the most useful during the pandemic -- it’s Zoom. Just look how their stocks spiked this past year. 

Webinars, online classes, business meetings and work calls go through Zoom because of the large number of participants who can join calls and the quality of video it provides.

Zoom features screen sharing, making it easy to show a presentation at the comfort of each person’s home office. 

While Zoom has become popular among remote companies, there are other available tools and platforms offering the same service.

7. Last Pass

Last Pass helps with the problem of sharing a login credential without giving the actual password to make sure each account is secured with each team member.

This tool allows password sharing for any website. It can collate different passwords without the need of remembering each of them. You just need a master password for your main Last Pass account and this application will keep everything secured for you.


Big adjustments have been made just this past year. People need to be careful and be away from each other as much as possible to prevent the spread of the virus. Moreover, hopefully, the list of the best remote companies to work for can help you choose one for yourself.

In terms of work, these tools will help employers and employees track their work and become productive while working remotely.

Which work tool do you use most of the time?

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