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Brentwood Venture Capital 

3000 Sand Hill Road
Bldg. 1, Suite 260
Menlo Park  California  94025  U.S.A.
Phone: 650-854-7691 Fax: 650-854-9513

Brentwood Venture Capital is a private venture investment firm with offices in Menlo Park, Los Angeles and Orange County. We invest equity capital in start-up, early stage and emerging growth companies. Our mission is to select, support and facilitate the success of tomorrow's most innovative high-technology firms.

We take an active, hands-on approach to selecting and building our investments, helping to create leading-edge companies in today's most important industries: computer networking, the Internet, enterprise software and health care. We provide young companies in these areas with the expertise, resources and contacts they need to become tomorrow's leaders. Over the last decade, Brentwood has backed many rapidly growing companies in these target industries. A number of our investments have gone public, while others have been successfully sold to large, industry-leading corporations. Recent public offering successes include Xylan, a networking equipment manufacturer, Documentum, a document management software firm and Biopsys, a "less-invasive" medical device maker. Built on a solid capital foundation of $400 million of invested capital, we have provided financial and strategic support to over 300 entrepreneurial companies during the last 25 years.

Our Philosophy
We view the relationship between an entrepreneurial company and its venture investors as a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership. In all our investments, we share the business goals of the team in which we have invested, and we work actively to help achieve those goals. Beyond financial success, we derive much of our professional satisfaction from working closely with motivated entrepreneurs, and we strive to make important contributions beyond the infusion of capital. Examples include advise on business strategy and planning, assistance in guiding corporate growth and development, aid in executive recruiting, and help with future financings.

We also believe in helping our companies build the important relationships that will allow them to flourish. We put entrepreneurial management teams in touch with a valuable network of critical business contacts. These include leaders in the technology and medical industries, as well as contacts in the financial community. We also facilitate introductions to consultants, industry leaders, scientists, and other contributors towards success.

We work side-by-side with entrepreneurial management teams that demonstrate the capability and resolve to build major business enterprises. We help entrepreneurs reach their goals by embracing their ideas, by providing practical guidance, and by offering insight into new markets. We assist young companies in seeking out visionary, yet realistic, opportunities. We offer expertise and contribute to the development and execution of clear, sound strategies.

Our Successes
One of our most successful areas of concentration has been computer networking. With many years of significant expertise in all areas of the networking industry - from LANs and routers to high-speed switches - our general partners have an insight into this constantly changing market, as well as knowledge of product and standards issues. We have helped a large number of visionary young companies in this fast-growing arena to succeed: companies such as Wellfleet Communications, a leader in multi-protocol routers for enterprise-wide networking, SynOptics, the early leader in LAN hubs, and Xylan, which markets high performance workgroup switching products - and which enjoyed one of the most successful public offerings in history. Today, we continue to assist young companies in the networking industry by identifying market requirements for new products and services. In the area of enterprise software and client/server computing, we have invested in many successful companies, including Object Design, the leader in object-oriented databases; ISOCOR, which sells electronic mail and electronic interchange software; and Documentum, a leading supplier of company-wide document management software. We continue to work with small, innovative software companies in their efforts to establish new markets and build industry leading franchises.

In the dynamic, evolving world of the Internet, start-up companies have a special need to develop and maintain strong business models. We are actively involved with high-profile companies such as WebTV Networks, which brings Internet access to consumers, and FreeGate Corporation, which is developing a low cost Internet access platform for small businesses. Working closely with the entrepreneurs in companies like these, we have helped define strong business models, recruit excellent management, attract additional investments, and solidify strategies for approaching the new frontier of the Internet. We often help entrepreneurs carefully craft their offerings, develop their business case, and bring their products to market. Brentwood has a long history of investing in health care companies with strategically important products or services. In the medical and biotechnology industries, many of our investments have had successful initial public offerings. These include Keravision, a provider of corneal ring implants, and Aradigm, which has products for aerosol delivery of medications. In addition to initial public offerings, a large percentage of our companies in this category are purchased in highly profitable deals with leading firms such as Baxter Healthcare and Medtronic. Several examples include Webster Laboratories, which developed electrophysiology catheters; and Interflo Medical, which developed a catheter system for continuous cardiac output monitoring. With over 60 years of operational and clinical expertise in the health care industry, the Brentwood partners are able to provide young companies with the strategic guidance they need to achieve success.

Our Criteria
A dedicated management team with strong leadership and team-building skills. The entrepreneurial management teams with whom we work demonstrate an in-depth understanding of their proposed products and markets, and an ability to manage throughout the various stages of a company's growth A strong market, preferably one that will support revenues of greater than $50 million within five years. We also invest in companies in niche markets, or large stable markets that can be dominated with an exciting new product or service. A highly differentiated, demonstrably superior product or service that is ahead of the competition, offers solid benefits to customers, and whose cost and pricing is well-justified. A focused business with sustainable competitive advantage. Our investments succeed by focusing on a single business, although the strategy should encompass more than a single product or service which is vulnerable to competitive pricing or technology obsolescence.

Last Updated 8/8/99

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