Skyepharma PLC Clarification Of Financial Position

LONDON, March 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SkyePharma PLC wishes to clarify its financial condition following claims made by the NAV group in the media today.

Under the UK Listing Rules a company is required to report if there is a material change in its financial condition. There has been no material change in SkyePharma’s financial condition since the working capital statement in the Rights Issue document.

Yesterday the NAV group issued a document and SkyePharma responded to all its claims proving that their assertions over corporate governance are completely without foundation. However, verbally the NAV group has made outrageous claims about SkyePharma’s cash position.

No mention of the alleged cash problem was included in the NAV group’s written release. This is another example of the under-hand tactics this small collection of shareholders are using which continue to destroy value in SkyePharma. Shareholders should realise the damage these slurs are causing.

Jerry Karabelas said:

“There is no cash problem.

“The behaviour of the NAV group is disgraceful. Having failed to make their innuendos over corporate governance stick they have spread rumours which are simply untrue.

“The time has come for other shareholders to stand up for SkyePharma before the NAV group do any more damage.”

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