FDA Keynote Speaker in the Spotlight, CAR-T Industry Leaders Gather for Discussion-Join the 2024 GenScript Biotech Global Forum for a New Journey in Cell and Gene Therapy

The innovative development of biopharmaceuticals has ushered in a new era for disease treatment, bringing unprecedented hope to countless patients.

NANJING, China, Dec. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The innovative development of biopharmaceuticals has ushered in a new era for disease treatment, bringing unprecedented hope to countless patients. However, the transition from basic research to clinical commercialization presents formidable challenges for every biotech venture. It is these challenges and pressures that drive biotech companies to constantly move forward, pioneering broader commercial prospects through sustained innovation, research, and development.

To further promote the innovative development of cell and gene therapy (GCT) and deepen global collaboration with international partners, the 2024 GenScript Biotech Global Forum is set to take place in San Francisco on January 10, 2024. As a premier global event for GCT, this forum will convene industry leaders, academics, investors, and regulatory bodies from around the world to discuss technological innovations, industry developments, policy regulations, and capital trends in GCT. Notably, the forum will feature a keynote speech via video by Peter Marks, Director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) at FDA, who will provide deep insights into the regulatory aspects of GCT, guiding industry peers.

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The success of CAR-T cell therapy represents not only a technological revolution but also a significant breakthrough for the medical and business sectors. In the face of escalating market competition and growing challenges in obtaining market approval and commercial success, the landscape for biotech companies is undergoing a seismic shift. These transformations have profound effects on related biotech companies and have prompted regulatory agencies to implement stricter scrutiny measures and adopt a more cautious approach to approval procedures.

At this pivotal juncture, focusing on the commercialization breakthroughs of CAR-T cell therapy becomes crucial. Delving into the future development paths of CAR-T and addressing challenges in the market and regulatory environment is becoming increasingly important. The 2024 GenScript Biotech Global Forum assembles leaders in the global biopharmaceutical field to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the commercialization process of cell therapy. In a dialogue session, the forum will feature deep discussions with industry heavyweights, including Simone Fishburn, Editor in Chief of BioCentury; Ying Huang, CEO of Legend Biotech; Kanti Thirumoorthy, CTO (T-cell Therapy) at AstraZeneca and SVP of Technical Operations at Neogene Therapeutics; Adrian Bot, Founding Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Capstan Therapeutics; Lekha Mikkilineni, Assistant Professor, Division of Blood & Marrow Transplant and Cellular Therapy at Stanford University School of Medicine; and Nina Shah, Global Head of Multiple Myeloma Clinical Development and Strategy at Strategy,Haematology Research & Development of AstraZeneca. They will share their insights and experiences, offering valuable perspectives and suggestions for the commercialization of cell therapy.

Moreover, David Liu, one of the pioneers of gene editing, will present an eagerly awaited keynote address on the subject of “Base editing and Prime Editing: Correcting Mutations that Cause Genetic Disease in Cells, Animals, and Patients”. The forum also invites Ken Prentice, Vice President of Process Development and Manufacturing at Shape Therapeutics, to lead a discussion titled " Next-Generation Gene Therapy.” This panel will bring together industry elites such as Derek Hicks, CBO at Intellia Therapeutics; Devyn Smith, CEO at Arbor Biotech; Stanley Qi, Associate Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University, Scientific Founder at Epic Bio; and Alex Goraltchouk, Chief Operating Officer at Remedium Bio, to explore the pathways for the next generation of potential gene therapy products.

The enthusiasm and latest assessments of capital also have profound implications for the future development of GCT. Prominent investors, such as Konstantinos Aprilakis, Partner at Deerfield Management; Yi Shi, Founding Managing Partner at Lilly Asia Ventures; Josh Resnick, Senior Managing Director at RA Capital Management; John Mendlein, Executive Partner at Flagship Pioneering; Keith Crandell, Co-founder and Managing Director at ARCH Venture Partners; and Vincent Xiang, Managing Partner and Founder at 7G BioVentures, will make appearances at the forum. Their insights and judgments will reveal the latest trends in the capital market, helping attendees understand how capital can better support the development of the GCT field and provide new perspectives and considerations for innovative pathways.

In an era of both challenges and opportunities, innovators, leaders, and decision-makers are called upon to shape the future together. Let us join hands and advance the field of GCT towards a brighter future! On January 10, 2024, let us meet in San Francisco and embark on this journey of GCT.

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