1505A Adams Drive
Menlo Park
United States

Tel: 866-452-7487
Fax: 866-246-6567

Email: help@kariusdx.com

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About Karius

Karius is a life sciences company focused on conquering infectious diseases through the innovative use of next-generation sequencing to analyze microbial cell-free DNA. The company’s genomics platform delivers unprecedented insight into the microbial landscape, providing clinicians with a comprehensive test capable of identifying more than a thousand pathogens directly from blood and helping industry accelerate drug development. For more information visit kariusdx.com and follow us on Twitter at @kariusdx.
CEO: Mickey Kertesz, PhD
CSO: Tim Blauwkamp, PhD
CTO: Sivan Bercovici, PhD
CFO: Brian Jung, MBA, MPH
Medical Director: David K. Hong, MD
Head of Global Innovation and Partnerships: Simona Zompi, MD, PhD
Board Member and Advisor: Rich Rava, PhD
Scientific Co-Founder & Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board: Steve Quake, PhD

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