San Francisco State University (SFSU)

Office of the Associate Director
Department of Biology
San Francisco
United States

Tel: 415-338-2836


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About San Francisco State University (SFSU)

San Francisco State University offers both Bachelor's and Master's level programs in Biochemistry,Cell & Molecular Biology, and Microbiology that have applications in biotechnology. The Department of Biology offers a graduate level Certificate in Genetic Engineering, with lecture and laboratory course work that emphasizes recombinant DNA methodology. The Teacher Education in Biology Program provides workshops and resource support for middle- and high-school teachers in biotechnology and molecular biology. The CSUPERB Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement program, which offers faculty enhancement workshops at CSU campuses throughout California with Division of Undergraduate Education-National Science Foundation and California State University sponsorship, is administered from San Francisco State University.
Crellin Pauling, SFSU, Associate Director