Vivex Biologics, Inc. Launches VIA Mend™ Synthetic Bone Fillers


New bioactive synthetic portfolio of solutions available to sales agents to support the bone grafting arsenal


MIAMI, July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Vivex Biologics, Inc., a leading regenerative medicine company specializing in the development of naturally sourced treatments, announced today the launch of VIA Mend™, a line of bone graft substitutes.

The innovative line of bone graft substitutes can be molded to fill bone defects and supports an environment for bone growth. It is available in two types of formulations to offer maximum versatility: 

  1. The VIA Mend™ Bioactive Strip is an osteoconductive, bioactive, porous implant that allows for bony ingrowth across the graft site. The bone graft matrix is slowly resorbed and replaced by new bone tissue during the natural healing process. Upon hydration, the strip conformation can be used in its original shape or optionally molded into alternative shapes to address the unique contours of each defect.
  2. The VIA Mend™ Putty is a highly absorbent, moldable biocomposite putty. It is available in cylinder shaped pucks and can be molded when hydrated with autogenous bone marrow. It maintains integrity upon post-surgical irrigation and is fully resorbed during bone formation and remodeling. It is osteoconductive and becomes osteoinductive and osteogenic when mixed with autogenous bone marrow.

"VIVEX is excited to provide a next generation synthetic, a bioactive option added to our broad biologics portfolio, delivering surgeon access to new options that aid in bone formation," said Michele Pablos, MBA, VP and GM of Ortho & Fusion Therapies at VIVEX. "Our next generation VIA Mend™ Bioactive Strip sets us apart from the many synthetic competitors as it is the perfect trio of Carbonate Apatite bone mineral, highly purified Type I Collagen, and 45S5 Bioactive Glass."

VIVEX's Ortho & Fusion Therapies offer a full portfolio of biologics to help treat many surgical and regenerative medical conditions. The solutions are designed to support the body's natural healing process across a wide spectrum of surgical applications and disciplines, including spine, sports medicine, trauma, foot/ankle, general orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery and podiatry.

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About Vivex Biologics, Inc.

VIVEX is a pioneer in regenerative medicine, specializing in the development of naturally sourced treatment options and solutions that improve clinical, surgical, and therapeutic patient care through innovation. With tissue damage resulting from a variety of diseases, direct injury, and trauma, there is a significant need for advanced solutions. By leveraging the resources of the nation's oldest civilian tissue bank, VIVEX is channeling the body's inherent healing qualities to bring patients optimal care and to provide medical professionals and patients with innovative treatment options for a broad range of indications.

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