Welltok Makes All the Right Connections with Expansion of Connect Partner Program

DENVER, June 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Welltok Inc., the leading enterprise Software as a Service company for consumer health, announced the expansion of its integrated Connect Partner Program. The new partners will help Welltok's clients address key consumer health issues related to sleep, back pain, digestive health and more. It also deepens Welltok's offerings across the full spectrum of the consumer health journey from wellbeing and prevention to condition management, gaps in care and pre/post-episode support.

With the Welltok Connect Partner Program, population health managers, including commercial, Medicare and Medicaid payers and large self-insured employers, can conveniently select from a curated list of partners that are pre-integrated with its consumer health activation platform. Additional benefits include utilization-based pricing, single-source management, cross-program insights as well as best-in-class security vetting. Also, as an agnostic platform, Welltok can host its clients existing enterprise programs and resources to provide a fully integrated solution for both sponsors and consumers.

The Welltok Connect Partner Program has grown to more than 25 high-value integrated solutions. In addition to existing partners, which include meQuilibrium (resilience training), Propeller Health (asthma/COPD management), Wildflower Health (prenatal support) and Zipongo (healthy eating), new partners cover a wide range of health and wellbeing needs including:

  • Compass Professional Health Services offers comprehensive healthcare navigation solutions that help employees make simpler, smarter healthcare decisions.
  • KrowdFit, the developers of a Socially Powered, Krowd Funded®, wellbeing incentive program that provides the ability to earn unlimited cash rewards for engaging and sustaining a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Kurbo Health, the creators of the leading mobile health coaching program that helps kids, teens, and adults eat healthier, exercise more, and lose weight.
  • Optisom offers comprehensive digital sleep solutions that help users fight sleep deprivation and develop positive sleep habits for improved health, safety and productivity.
  • Telespine, the developers of a personalized digital health coaching program for the treatment and management of lower back pain.
  • Vivante Health, a company dedicated to helping people who struggle with chronic digestive conditions reclaim and better their lives.

Welltok's data-driven platform leverages consumer data, advanced analytics and machine learning to identify individuals who would benefit from the new and existing Connect Partner solutions. This intelligent alignment of resources and individual needs not only ensures consumers receive personalized support and programs that are most relevant and interesting to them, but also optimizes client spend.

"It is an honor to be introducing these tremendous programs to our clients and their consumers," said Rob Scavo, president and COO for Welltok. "We've invested the time and resources to strategically build out the Connect Partner ecosystem and seamlessly integrate the programs to deliver a holistic, engaging experience that drives both action and results."

About Welltok, Inc.

Welltok, the leading consumer health enterprise Software as a Service company, is on a mission to empower consumers to achieve their optimal health. Its award-winning CaféWell Health Optimization Platform connects consumers with available and relevant benefits, resources and rewards by designing personalized action plans. Additionally, the company's technology-enabled services leverage both advanced analytics to derive meaningful consumer insights and multi-channel communications to reach consumers through the right channel with the right message. Welltok drives greater consumer engagement and healthcare value for customers across the healthcare continuum including payers, employers, health services companies, pharmacy retailers and providers. Follow Welltok on Twitter @Welltok.

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