Viper Equity Partners of Palm Beach Makes Aggressive Move Into Dental

PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- After aligning over 50 dental practices with DSO's and Private Equity Firms over the summer Viper Equity Partners is expanding its marketing efforts into the dental space. David Branch a Principal at Viper explained their focus to become the key facilitator of deals in bringing the dental community and DSO's together. "We see the problem many DSO's are facing finding good practices to acquire. We are the solution and we want to help expedite this exciting consolidation in the dental industry," stated Branch.

Founded in 2009 by a group of Business and Financial professionals Viper uses its extensive marketing system to identify medical practices that meet specific criteria. Once identified their team meets with the practice owners who are interested in selling, growing or joining a platform. After contracted the departmentalized Viper Teams conduct extensive due diligence on the practice, develop a Business summary and Confidential Information Memorandum then take the practice to the market targeting specific buyers they work with.

Viper is skilled at helping the Doctors understand the process. They feel the key is as much about valuation as it is about matching the parties that will work well together. Viper stays in the process until closing and considers themselves an asset to the process. "Our perfect scenario is to work directly with a PE Firm or existing DSO and go find them exactly what they are looking for in a practice," stated Branch. "If a firm says we want 8 offices with x in revenue, x in EBITDA and no debt for example and we want them all in Texas then we go to work and find them." Viper normally is working with over 40 practices at any given time in as many as 40 states.

Viper likes the space they have created for themselves. Their deal range is between two and seventy million dollars. In dental they focus on practices with one to four offices with between two to five million in gross revenue. Presently they are in a growth mode to meet the needs of their partners.

Viper Equity Partners is also on the fore front of what they feel will be the next big push, Plastic Surgery and Med Spas. They already have marquis plastic surgery offices under contract in the North East, South Florida and Chicago markets. "Plastic surgery is our baby and we know it will be the next big wave. We have a book of offices now ready to start new verticals with over forty-five million in revenue and a tied back EBITDA of twenty-two million," stated David Branch.

If you would like to talk about what options are available for your practice or are a Private Equity firm looking to work with Viper on your projects, contact them today.

Viper Equity Partners Bringing the Healthcare Community and Private Equity Together

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