Variantyx Launches Variantyx Unity, The All-In-One Genomic Diagnostic Test

Published: Sep 13, 2017

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Variantyx today announced the launch of its proprietary Variantyx Unity™ test at the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) conference in Columbus, Ohio. Using whole genome sequenced (WGS) data analyzed by the proprietary Genomic Intelligence® platform, Variantyx Unity™ is the first genomic diagnostic test to identify small sequence changes, structural variants, trinucleotide repeat expansions and mitochondrial variants from a single DNA sample, eliminating the need for multiple sequential tests.

Variantyx CEO Haim Neerman states: “We’re excited to offer the first all-in-one genomic diagnostic test. For a similar cost as exome sequencing plus array CGH, we’re able to provide greater insight into the molecular causes of rare genetic disorders and to bring an end to the prolonged diagnostic odyssey faced by many patients.”

Dr. Olaf Bodamer, Associate Chief of Genetics & Genomics at Boston Children’s Hospital states: “The Variantyx Unity™ test transforms whole genome sequencing to a first-line diagnostic tool for the evaluation of patients with rare inherited disorders. Clinicians ordering this test can expect a higher diagnostic yield due to the more comprehensive analysis of the patient’s genome. This all-in-one test should enable clinicians to better understand the molecular etiology of the patient’s condition and is expected to inform about individualized management and care.”

About Variantyx: Variantyx provides whole genome testing services to clinicians for collaborative diagnosis of rare inherited disorders. Its Genomic Intelligence® platform for simplified NGS data analysis, interpretation and clinical reporting enables labs to profitably expand their test menu with validated genomic diagnostic solutions. For more information, please visit

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