TriAltus Bioscience Launches CLīM™Affinity Tag System, reinventing the way genetically engineered proteins are purified


BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TriAltus Bioscience, LLC is introducing its new CLīMAffinity Tag System.  The company's CL7/Im7 fusion protein remains the cornerstone of the CLīM system that includes: CL7-tagged vectors, activated lm7 resin, prepacked high-capacity resin columns, and proteases. The system will bring significant benefit to advanced structural and industrial applications as well as gene therapy research.

TriAltus Co-founder and CEO Robert Shufflebarger explained that "the CLīM system demonstrates clear superiority over His-tag and other commercial affinity tag systems, resulting in the most efficient and universal tool available for the simple, cost-effective, ultra-high-affinity purification of complex proteins."  

While more than 80 percent of drugs in development are either composed of proteins or act upon them, protein production remains cumbersome and inefficient. The vast majority of published purification processes for challenging proteins involve multi-step, multi-day protocols with high costs and low yields. By contrast, the CLīM single-step system enables high yield, high purity, high activity purification, the foundation of proteomics, interactomics and in vitro drug screening.

The technology, which is available in a simple, reusable and resilient activated Im7 resin, has been used to purify a variety of challenging proteins including membrane and multisubunit proteins. The Im7 resin upholds its effectiveness for multiple reactivations, retaining a one-to-one molar binding ratio.

TriAltus' technology was developed by a team of Biochemists at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. The foundational study was published in 2017 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

About TriAltus Bioscience

TriAltus Bioscience develops innovative tools for production and purification of genetically engineered proteins. Our novel affinity tag system delivers proteins with ultra-high purity and yield in a single step. Having proven the CLīM technology on some extremely difficult proteins, TriAltus is developing R&D partnerships to use CLīM to purify proteins for customer-defined projects.

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