Toast™ Is Now Available In Las Vegas

Luxury Pre-Roll Mirrors The Strength Of One Cocktail     

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Toast, the first and only luxury Cannabis pre-roll brand, is now available in Las Vegas, Nevada at Zen Leaf Las Vegas.

Toast luxury pre-rolls bring a uniquely sophisticated concept to recreational cannabis; in addition to an elegant design complete with gold foil detailing, every pre-roll of Toast, called a Slice, is professionally manufactured and carefully dosed to mirror the equivalent potency of one bar-measured cocktail.

Each Slice of Toast offers an all-natural, tobacco-free 100% Cannabis blend composed of curated strains that are low in THC (euphoria) and high in CBD (active calm). They offer predictable taste and precise levels of CBD and THC in every puff, making them unlike any other cannabis brand available today.

Slices of Toast are available in 2-packs, 5-packs, and 10-packs, where a single Slice of Toast is designed to be consumed in its entirety by one person and a pack of Slices is meant to be shared with friends or family, similar to the social practices sharing a bottle of wine or bottle service in a nightclub or bar.

Toast Holdings, Inc., Toast's New York-based parent company, is proud to announce their market expansion to Nevada, with a particular focus on Las Vegas.

"Toast epitomizes luxury Cannabis," said Toast Holdings, Inc., CEO Punit Seth. "We have been looking forward to launching Toast in Las Vegas since the brand's inception in Aspen in 2017. Not only does Toast mirror the strength of one cocktail, which naturally aligns with the experiential qualities of enjoying Las Vegas, but the ornate details on both the packaging and the pre-roll itself were designed with luxury connoisseurs in mind, whether or not they may be familiar with Cannabis."

Seth continued, "The intent with Toast is to lead the luxury Cannabis market in a way that blends with the culture, fashion and panache of Las Vegas nightlife. We know that when you're in Las Vegas and dressed up for a special night on the town with your friends, family or loved ones, you want to imbibe in a stylish, fashionable and discreet way, which is not possible with other pre-roll or flower brands currently on the market."

With its continued national expansion and official launch in Nevada at Zen Leaf Las Vegas, Toast Holdings, Inc., remains committed to responsible sourcing, product quality, consumer transparency and mindful consumption.

For more information about Toast, please visit Must be 21 years of age or older.

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About Toast™
Toast™ is the only lifestyle Cannabis brand that provides a sophisticated, consumer-controlled experience by offering the first professionally manufactured Cannabis pre-roll, called a Slice™. Because Toast is professionally manufactured and tested against the highest quality assurance standards, every Slice allows for a predictability of potency and intake that can be regulated, ultimately enabling the consumer to monitor and control their experience unlike any other Cannabis product on the market. For more information about Toast, please visit Must be 21 years of age or older.

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