Texas-Based Biotech Company To Launch FDA-Approved Product Geared Toward Healthier Pets

AUSTIN, Texas, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pet lovers and veterinarians stay tuned. Texas-based SelenBio is soon to launch an effective breakthrough in helping to prevent gum disease in dogs and cats.

"Periodontal disease in pets is not only a contributor to tooth loss, but also to other health issues, including bone loss, heart and liver disease," said Matt Belsole, SelenBio Director of Business Development. "Many pet owners are unaware their dog or cat is suffering from gum disease, which ultimately goes undiagnosed, resulting in pain, discomfort and shortened lifespan."

Enter GingiShield™️, an FDA-approved antimicrobial sealant – already proven to work in human dentistry under the name, DenteShield™️ - soon to be available worldwide for veterinary applications.

The product comes just in time as the American Animal Hospital Association's 2019 guidelines recommend all veterinarians have a closer focus on the dental health of their furry pet patients.

"This is a Godsend for both veterinarians and pet owners," said Patricia March, RVT, VTS-Dentistry. "Adding this product into the veterinary world – and the regular health regimen of pet care – will help both dogs and cats live healthier, happier lives."

Embracing technology, March said, is important for both vets and pet owners. Dogs and cats don't show pain, which is innate in their make-up as animals. No matter how much an owner thinks they can tell if their dog or cat is hurting, it often goes undetected.

"Our pets do all they can to comfort us as their owners and friends," March said. "From the days they were in the animal kingdom before being domesticated, pain was a sign of weakness and potential abandonment. Even through evolvement, that part of our pets hasn't changed."

Belsole said GingiShield was a natural progression after the obvious success of DenteShield, launched just one year ago for human dentistry.

"The key to our product is the creation of an anti-microbial, biological barrier that not only kills bacteria reaching the tooth's surface, but continues to work as a sealant for a longer period of time than other products," Belsole said.

March said she is excited to hear comments from colleagues and pet owners once GingiShield takes hold across the country.

"I know this is going to be a huge compliment to conventional veterinary dentistry," she said. "And for pets, it's going to be a product that keeps them from suffering in silence. Isn't that what we all want?"

About SelenBio:

SelenBio, Inc., is a biotechnology company specializing in the prevention of bacterial biofilm formation for dental, healthcare, industrial and consumer applications. SELDOX®️, a proprietary antimicrobial platform technology is able to inhibit bacterial biofilm formation and attachment on surfaces through a covalently linked, catalytic and safe compound that does not leach into the surrounding environment. These properties allow for effective, safe and low-cost protection against bacteria and biofilm for the duration of the useful life of the substrate. SelenBio partners with companies seeking to enhance their product effectiveness through antimicrobial protection and biofilm control.

For more information, visit SelenBio.com

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