Sophion Bioscience Invites the World to Q2 – a New Dimension in Automated Patch Clamping

Published: Mar 02, 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark (March 2, 2012). Sophion Bioscience A/S announces Q2 – a new dimension in automated patch clamping. Sophion Bioscience, a perennial innovator in the automated patch clamp field worldwide, invites ion channel researchers to participate in this exciting program.

Since more and more ion channels researchers use stem cells and primary cells for drug discovery, Sophion sees a shift of paradigm on the horizon. Sophion considers this new focus so important that it deserves a name. The name Q2 indicates a new dimension in QPatching. Q2 is a program for QPatch users aimed at promoting the use of stem cells and primary cells in drug discovery.

“Nothing pleases Sophion more than to listen to the heartbeat of our customers and then to implement new QPatch capabilities accordingly”, says Frank Henrichsen, VP of Sales & Marketing. “The Q2 program puts focus on the use of stem cells and primary cells in drug discovery and allows our existing and new customers to perform higher throughput experiments that were not possible before.”

The Q2 program at Sophion has so far involved:

• Collaboration with human and mouse stem cell manufacturers on assay development and general knowledge exchange

• Q2 upgrade to QPatch, including:

- a novel and unique automated current clamp feature

- a new feature that enables working with smaller cell volumes

- the possibility to order QPlates with different hole sizes and numbers per measurement site

• Generation of relevant knowledge – published in SOPs, application notes and handouts – and made available to all QPatch users

• Faster & smarter series resistance compensation

Sophion invites existing and future QPatch customers to participate and share knowledge in this novel collaborative venture. Get more information at Sophion’s website or by sending an email to

About Sophion Bioscience

Sophion Bioscience, a leader in the automated patch clamp field, helps the pharmaceutical industry develop more and better drugs, faster. Sophion’s focus is to provide advanced products and integrated solutions for automated patch clamping. Sophion’s QPatch family of products provides high-quality patch clamp data on a truly industrial basis on all types of ion channels. Recently Sophion became part of Biolin Scientific, a Swedish materials science company providing high-tech precision instruments for research within surface-, material- and bio-science, drug discovery and diagnostic applications. For more information about Sophion please visit For more information about Biolin Scientific, please visit

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