ProImmune Limited Launches REVEAL(TM) Immunogenicity System Services for Development and Testing of Biologics with Reduced Immunogenicity Combines, for the First Time, Cell-Free HLA-Peptide Binding Assays for More Than 50 Class II HLA Alleles With Highly

Published: Nov 18, 2008

OXFORD, England, November 18 /PRNewswire/ -- ProImmune Ltd, a leading provider of quality research reagents for monitoring the immune system and epitope discovery, has today announced the introduction of the REVEAL(TM) Immunogenicity System. This comprehensive suite of services helps to design and select biological drug leads at the preclinical stage, thereby minimizing the risk of adverse drug reactions related to unwanted immunogenicity.

The immunogenicity of biological drugs can often be a significant obstacle in the development of successful new therapies. Unwanted immunogenicity can manifest itself particularly through anti-drug antibody (ADA) responses. These responses can lead to allergic reactions, reduction or neutralization of the activity of the drug and, in some cases, cross-reactive immune responses, which could lead to serious adverse events.

ProImmune's new REVEAL(TM) Immunogenicity System combines, for the first time, cell-free HLA-peptide binding assays for more than 50 class II HLA alleles, with highly sensitive T cell proliferation assays. This combination enables the creation of a detailed profile of the helper T cell immune response to one or more drug leads. The role of helper T cells is known to be of critical importance in controlling unwanted anti-drug antibody responses. If desired, the leads analyzed can then be re-engineered to remove unwanted helper T cell epitopes and produce a re-validated drug lead with improved immunogenicity risk.

Dr. Nikolai Schwabe, CEO of ProImmune, said: "Our experienced scientists have brought together an unrivalled range of physical class II HLA binding assays and sensitive T cell assays for predicting immunogenicity risk. The REVEAL(TM) System sets a new paradigm for immunogenicity risk management at the pre-clinical stage. It is a natural evolution of ProImmune's leading technology platforms in T cell immunology."

ProImmune provides the REVEAL(TM) Immunogenicity System as a highly customizable service, purely on a 'fee for service' basis.

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