Polaris is the Winner of the 2011 Pierre Potier Price Trophy for its Innovation in Chemistry in Favour of Sustainable Development

Published: Jul 12, 2011

Pleuven, July 11 2011 -- The French Minister of Industry, Energy and numerical Economy Mr. Eric Besson, the Union of Chemical industries (UIC) and the French Federation for the sciences of Chemistry (FFC) have awarded for the 6th time the technological and scientific Pierre Potier Price on the “Innovation in Chemistry in favour of sustainable development”.

As such POLARIS has just received the Trophy of the 2011 Pierre Potier Price for the innovation in chemistry in favour of sustainable development for its works in the field of enzymatic chemistry coupled with molecular distillation. This price was awarded on July 7th, 2011, at the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry.

For more than 10 years, POLARIS has developed a global offer of enrichment of health actives by enzymatic way for nutraceutics, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The innovative technology worked out by the POLARIS R&D teams consists in sensibly combining two techniques: the enzymatic chemistry (enzymatic enrichment) and the short path distillation process. The main innovative features of this invention are related to the principles of green chemistry by using soft, environment-friendly conditions, without generating waste. Indeed, this enzymatic chemistry does not require the use of polluting solvents and allows the recycling of enzymes.

The combination of both technological tools consequently allows obtaining a set of lipid substances with very high added value and answers an ecological means (green chemistry) to make a product of economic interest, and strengthens POLARIS internal sustainable development policy. The health ingredient worked out through this innovative technique is a borage oil concentrated in 40 % gamma linolenic acid (GLA) under TG or EE forms, an health active particularly adapted to be blended into formulations of food supplements with inflammatory aim or into cosmetic formulations for skin health.

‘Of course this experience will apply to other specialities which represent a strategic interest for our customers or partners’ underlines Mr Lozachmeur, POLARIS CEO.

About the Pierre Potier Price

Created in 2006 in partnership with the French Federation of the sciences of chemistry, the Pierre Potier price aim is to highlight the initiatives of the chemical industry in favour of sustainable development and to favour the development of an eco-responsible approach in this sector.

The Pierre Potier price was such named to remember the major contribution of the said chemist-biologist Pierre Potier in the discoveries of new medicines issued from vegetables. Died in 2006, Pierre Potier was indeed at the origin of two major discoveries in the treatment of cancers: Taxotere and Navelbine, two molecules nowadays used all over the world. These discoveries made this French chemist one of the most famous inventors of the academic world.

About Polaris

Polaris is a first rank expert at world level for nutritional lipids. Since 1994 their teams have developed and launched on the market several innovations to improve quality, stability and formulations of marine origin omega 3, and other oils with high nutritional value. Their patented Qualitysilver ® oils are among the most sought after oils whatever the final application is: food supplements, functional or cosmetic food.

In front of the rarefaction of the halieutic resources, ecolabels multiply and join the politics of sustainable and environment-friendly fishing of the maritime industries. Within this background, POLARIS leads a sustainable policy on the marine resources and is certified by FRIEND OF THE SEA®.

With Breton roots, POLARIS also leads a strong politics to valuate marine byproducts with local food-processing companies and supports the research projects of competitiveness centers. Sustainable environment and the conservation of the marine world appear among POLARIS priorities.


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