Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd (OET) and Eden Biodesign Sign Co-marketing Agreement

Published: Feb 03, 2009

Oxford and Liverpool (UK), 2 February 2009 — Oxford Expression Technologies (OET), a leading provider of baculovirus-based protein expression products and services, and Eden Biodesign, an expert provider of biopharmaceutical process development and cGMP manufacturing services, have today announced that they have signed a co-marketing agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, OET will offer its customers access to Eden Biodesign’s process development, clinical trial cGMP manufacturing and analytical development services. In return, Eden Biodesign’s customers will have access to OET’s wide range of baculovirus capabilities to meet their individual protein expression requirements.

OET customers will benefit from a smooth transition between optimisation of expression and cGMP production and scale-up and the ability to transfer projects intended for clinical development to Eden Biodesign’s world-class process development, cGMP manufacturing and analytical development services offered from their state-of-the-art EMEA inspected facilities located in Liverpool, UK. Eden Biodesign’s customers will be able to take advantage of OET's experience in troubleshooting baculovirus expression; the use of flashBACTM technology to increase protein yield in difficult to express proteins; and the development of a protocol for optimal expression of their proteins. Commenting on the alliance, James Bernard, OET’s CEO, said: “This partnership will provide customers with unprecedented choice and flexibility. Through Eden Biodesign, we can offer customers global cGMP-certified scale-up capabilities”

Crawford Brown, CEO of Eden Biodesign, added: “Baculovirus protein expression technology can enable faster, easier and more cost-effective protein production compared with other expression methods. By collaborating with OET, a world leader in the baculovirus field, we can help the increasing number of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies who are interested in evaluating the performance of their biotherapeutic and vaccine products using this exciting technology to progress rapidly into and through clinical development.”

Notes to editors About Oxford Expression Technologies Oxford Expression Technologies (OET) is a biotechnology company and centre of excellence for baculovirus protein expression. Specialising in the use of the baculovirus expression vector system, a eukaryotic expression system that can express a large variety of recombinant proteins, OET provides protein expression products, services and consultancy to many global pharmaceutical companies. OET’s proprietary flashBACTM technology enables large amounts of a given protein to be produced in culture. The Company’s internationally renowned expertise and products enable proteins to be produced faster, more easily and cost-effectively using automated and high-throughput methods compared with other baculovirus systems. This contributes to the development of new drugs and research targeted towards understanding how proteins work in health and disease.

The company was founded in 2007 from a collaboration between Oxford Brookes University and the Natural Environment Research Council to provide researchers with custom proteins for research purposes. For further details about the Company’s services and products, please visit http://www.oetltd.com/

Eden Biodesign Limited Eden Biodesign is a successful international biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing services business that provides state-of-the-art development and manufacturing services to biotech clients across Europe, the USA and Asia. It promises all clients a committed service plus the knowledge and expertise to guide clients through process development, manufacturing, regulatory and technology transfer challenges.

The company uses the principles of ‘Good Science’ at every step of biopharmaceutical development to design programmes and processes that deliver clinically and commercially valuable products, with an accomplished and attentive level of project management that clients need. For further information please visit http://www.edenbiodesign.com

For further information, contact: James Bernard CEO Phone: +44 (0)1865 483 236 Email: j.bernard@oetltd.com

Roger Lias Group Commercial Director & President, Eden Biodesign, Inc. Phone: +44 (0)151 728 1750 Email: roger.lias@edenbiodesign.com

College Hill Lorna Cuddon, Gurminder Marwaha, Dr Jo Bowler Phone: +44 (0)1260 296 500 Email: OET@collegehill.com

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