Now Available: Bender MedSystems New Software FlowCytomix(TM) Pro 2.3!

Published: Aug 10, 2009

Bender MedSystems announces the release of the new version of their FlowCytomixTM Pro software for the analysis of data gained with FlowCytomixTM, a technology for Multiple Analyte Detection on the Flow Cytometer. FlowCytomixTM Pro 2.3 is now even more user-friendly, and supplemented with new features! With the new software you will receive all software updates automatically and always be up to date (Java 1.6 required)! Your analysis will be even more precise, since the new software offers the option to assay single samples and standards, duplicates or triplicates! File information is retained for further analysis, and the loading of files is now even faster and improved! Individual settings can be saved at different stages, facilitating subsequent analyses. All plots generated in the course of an analysis can be saved and printed for improved data preparation.

Explore Multiplexing with FlowCytomixTM for Multiple Analyte Detection on the Flow Cytometer! Create your custom combination of up to 20 analytes and gain data in a minimum of time! A large range of products is available for the fields of inflammation, Th17 cells, tumor biology, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular disorders, autoimmune diseases, and many more!

For free download of the FlowCytomixTM Pro 2.3 software go to or contact customer service for a free copy!, phone +43 1 796 40 40-100, fax +43 1 796 40 40-400 or write to Bender MedSystems GmbH, Campus Vienna Biocenter 2, 1030 Vienna, Austria. Take a look at our products on!

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