Novasep Industrializes Potato Protein Purification Unit for Solanic B.V.

This represents a step forward for the plant-based protein purification industry, with the first compact bed chromatography system for the purification of vegetable proteins     

LYON, France, October 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Novasep, a leading supplier of services and technologies for the life sciences industry, has partnered with Solanic BV, an AVEBE Group Company, to industrialize its purification process to produce high performance potato proteins for the food industry.

This partnership takes place in a very dynamic context, with the global plant-based protein market growing rapidly and expected to reach more than USD 10 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 6.7%.[1] Novasep's purification technologies and process know-how will help manufacturers produce new high-quality vegetable proteins for the food industry.

The new installation, commissioned in April 2018, will meet the sharply rising demand for Solanic® products. This second line will double the existing production capacity of the plant. These installations are the first industrial compact-bed chromatography systems for vegetable proteins purification and represent a step forward for plant-based protein purification by optimizing productivity and purity levels.

"With the success of its potato proteins, Solanic B.V. is a perfect example of an innovative company developing new high value products for the food industry," said Nadège Laborde, President of Novasep's Process Solutions Business Unit, "This project demonstrates that we are committed to supporting our customers in the development, industrialization and optimization of purification processes for new molecules, such as vegetable proteins, so that they can bring them successfully to market."

The deployment of Novasep's purification technologies in these new dynamic markets will contribute to reaching the objectives of the group's Rise-2 strategic growth cycle.

About Novasep 

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About Solanic B.V. 

Solanic B.V. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the AVEBE Group, a cooperative of starch-potato growers focused on the market. Solanic® for healthy, nutritious and eco-friendly plant-based food alternatives. For more information, click here:

1. Plant based Protein Market- Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast (2017-2022). Meticulous Market Research. October 2017.

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