New Lab901 Technical Note: The Rapid Identification of Contaminating gDNA in RNA Samples

Published: Oct 13, 2010

Loanhead, Scotland – 13 Oct 2010 – Lab901 has announced the availability of a new technical note titled ‘Rapid identification of contaminating gDNA in total RNA samples using ScreenTape® R6K.’ The technical note can be downloaded from The highly reproducible run profiles of Lab901’s ScreenTape R6K platform allow the easy recognition of total RNA samples that have been contaminated with gDNA (genomic DNA). This practical feature, which is unique to the ScreenTape R6K system, identifies total RNA samples that require further purification, avoiding spurious or inaccurate results in your downstream applications, such as microarrays, sequencing or RT-qPCR.

The Lab901 ScreenTape system is a fully automated cost-efficient solution for gel electrophoresis that delivers analysed results in 1 minute per sample. ScreenTape loads, separates, images and analyses samples automatically, ensuring that more time can be devoted to actual research. ScreenTape R6K has also been used to establish a new standard for RNA QC – the ScreenTape Degradation Value (SDV), which has been shown to have a number of advantages over the RIN number.1

For more information visit the website at, contact or call +44 131 448 2904.

[1] Wilkes T. M. et al. (2010) BMC Research Notes 3:89

About Lab901:

Lab901 is a leading laboratory automation company based in Loanhead, Edinburgh. Lab901 has been developing, manufacturing and selling automated protein, RNA and DNA gel electrophoresis systems for the past 2 years and to date has shipped over 150 instruments globally.

About the ScreenTape® System:

The ScreenTape system is the first fully automated, walk-away solution for gel electrophoresis. Customers simply load their samples and the ScreenTape consumable into the compact TapeStation instrument and, within 1 minute per sample, fully analysed results for protein, RNA and DNA samples are displayed.

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