New BTX Electrofusion System

Published: May 04, 2012

May 05, 2012 -- Announcing the newest addition to the BTX line of electrofusion systems: The Hybrimune® Hybridoma Production System.

The Hybrimune® is an advanced pulse generator capable of delivering variable AC pulse frequencies; utilizing patented technology to enhance the alignment of cells in large volumes- up to 9 mls in one run!

Researchers performing monoclonal antibody production can achieve the highest efficiencies in scalable throughputs (up to 180 million cells fused in milliseconds).

Published data demonstrates that Hybrimune® technology can yield 10–20X greater antigen+ specific clones compared to PEG2.

- Electrofusion generates hybridoma lines secreting mAbs with high binding specificity & biological activity2

- Efficiencies are 10X higher than PEG1

- Direct scale up from 2ml to 9ml

Visit the BTX website at for more information on products, protocols or to view video tutorials for a variety of applications.

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1Ohnishi, K. et. al., Improvement in the basic technology of electrofusion for generation of antibody-producing hybridomas, 1987, J Immunological Methods 2 Li, J. et al., PNAS, 2006

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