M2SYS Technology Releases Bio-Plugin(TM) Parallel Server For Accelerated Processing Of Large Scale Biometric Databases

Published: Jun 01, 2006

ATLANTA, May 31 /PRNewswire/ -- M2SYS Technology, a biometric technology research and development company, announced today its release of Bio-Plugin(TM) Parallel Server, a highly scalable fingerprint recognition system that leverages distributed node balancing for fast, 1:N identification of large databases. Through the utilization of its multi-node architecture, Parallel Server can compare 25,000 fingerprints per second per match server node (1 million/5 sec in 16 node configuration). Unlike many parallel processing software solutions, Bio-Plugin(TM) Parallel Server does not require a large upfront hardware investment. Customers can start with a standard single server configuration; as the fingerprint database grows over time, the system can be easily scaled by adding more standard, off-the-shelf, PC-based server nodes.

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Because of its disparateness, this new addition to the Bio-Plugin(TM) family will have an immediate impact on the biometric marketplace. Software companies that have been disenchanted with fingerprint technology because of database size or insufficient speed will now be able to adopt Bio-Plugin(TM) due to the infinite scalability of Parallel Server; and, since it relies upon the unique Bio-Plugin(TM) integration methodology, they can leverage this technology with virtually no development.

Markets such as public safety, healthcare and education, where hundreds of thousands of potential fingerprints often share one centralized server, will greatly benefit from this technology. Prior to Parallel Server, the response time for a database of this magnitude could be up to a few minutes; however, with Parallel Server, this response time has been reduced to just a few seconds. Other markets such as banking, POS, and hospitality are also no exception.

"In a market traditionally driven by SDK's, M2SYS has emerged as one of the leading providers of scalable, vendor independent, turnkey biometric technologies," according to M2SYS CEO & Chief Scientist Mizan Rahman. "Bio-Plugin(TM) has been adopted by hundreds of software integrators worldwide. Now, with Parallel Sever, integrators will be able to use this same proven technology in environments previously not feasible because of server response time," Rahman said.

M2SYS Technology, http://www.m2sys.com, is a forward thinking biometric research and development company. Its portfolio includes Bio-Plugin(TM), a patent-pending integration methodology that software providers can use to rapidly adopt a seamless, server-based biometric system with minimal development effort.

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