Launch of Inventiva, a New French Biotech Company Specializing in Research Partnerships in Therapeutic Innovation 30 August 2012

Daix (France), 30th August 2012. Inventiva, which aims to become a leading French biotech company specializing in drug discovery partnerships, today officially launches its operations at its Daix site near the city of Dijon (Burgundy region, France).

Created from the research activities of Laboratoires Fournier at Daix, Inventiva is a research company focused on therapeutic innovation dedicated to specific research partnerships with pharmaceutical and academic laboratories, as well as with biotech firms (‘Partnering Research Organization’ or PRO) in targeted treatment areas such as Parkinson’s disease, oncology, auto-immune diseases and fibrosis.

Co-founded by Frédéric Cren, formerly General Manager of Research at Laboratoires Fournier, and Dr Pierre Broqua, formerly Research Director at Laboratoires Fournier at Daix, Inventiva has a staff of more than 70 experienced people, including around 20 researchers and more than 40 specialized technicians.

Inventiva will draw on its unique expertise in the field of nuclear receptors, transcription factors and epigenetic modulation to offer services throughout the entire research process from the identification of target classes up to the discovery of new therapeutic products.

In order to achieve its objectives, Inventiva has at its disposal a library of around 200,000 compounds, a 12,000m2 laboratory, state-of-the-art facilities and drug discovery teams grouped into three departments – biology and pharmacology, chemistry and ADME/PK – as well as cross-disciplinary research capabilities (compound management, pre-formulation, toxicology, etc).

In order to promote the start-up and sustainability of Inventiva, Abbott is providing the new company significant financial support. Inventiva is already working on two research programs for Abbott in the field of auto-immune diseases and the treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

Frédéric Cren, Co-Founder and CEO of Inventiva, said: “The launch of Inventiva is the culmination of an ambitious project to create a French leader among biotech firms by drawing on the recognized research capabilities of the Daix site. Inventiva will capitalize on the rapidly growing outsourced pharmaceutical research market to implement significant partnerships with large pharmaceutical groups in its areas of specialization: Parkinson’s disease, oncology, auto-immune diseases and fibrosis. With experienced research teams, already identified research programs and significant development potential, Inventiva has all the necessary assets to become a leading regional and national player in pharmaceutical research.”

Dr Pierre Broqua, Co-Founder and Research Director of Inventiva, said: “Inventiva is at the forefront of research in the field of transcriptional regulation mechanisms, offering particularly innovative and promising projects and target classes. Inventiva, a new company with experienced teams, combines innovation, reactivity, rigor and high-quality execution to serve projects whose key objective is the discovery of new drugs to fight diseases with significant unmet medical needs.”

About Inventiva

Inventiva is a biotechnology company specializing in research partnerships with pharmaceutical firms in therapeutic fields mainly linked to the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, immune-inflammation diseases, fibroses and cancer. Inventiva leads research programs to the pre-clinical stage by offering its recognized expertise in nuclear receptors, transcription factors and epigenetic modulation to pharmaceutical groups. With a research centre based at Daix, near the city of Dijon (Burgundy region, France), Inventiva has more than 70 experienced members of staff, including around 20 researchers and more than 40 specialized technicians.

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