ISO 9001 Accreditation Enhances Lab901's Reputation for Quality

Published: Jun 07, 2010

Edinburgh, UK – 7 June 2010 – Lab901 today announced that it has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for manufacturing quality covering its ScreenTape® System for automated gel electrophoresis. ISO 9001:2008 addresses quality management systems and looks at, among other things, what an organisation does to fulfil a customer’s quality requirements and enhance customer satisfaction. The new accreditation underlines Lab901’s commitment to a quality system approach which ultimately benefits its customer base across the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, as well as research and academia.

With expertise in automated biomolecular detection and analysis, Lab901 is the originator of the ScreenTape System, the first fully automated solution for gel electrophoresis. The ScreenTape system delivers analysed results in around 1 minute per sample, and is increasingly used for applications in research and diagnostic laboratories around the world, which require rapid and convenient RNA, DNA and protein analysis.

The widespread adoption of ISO Standards enables businesses to develop and offer products and services meeting specifications that have wide international acceptance in their sectors. Commenting on the accreditation, Joel Fearnley, CEO and co-founder of Lab901, said: “We are really pleased to have been awarded ISO 9001. We pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing our products to the highest of quality standards and this is a great reflection on the dedication of the Lab901 team.”

For more information on Lab901 and the range of ScreenTape products for automated RNA QC, SDS-PAGE and multiplex PCR diagnostics, please visit

About Lab901

Lab901, based in Edinburgh, UK, is a leading laboratory automation company. The latest ScreenTape P200 variant allows scientists expressing and purifying recombinant proteins and Monoclonal antibodies (MAb’s) to carry out SDS-PAGE and analysis in a fraction of the time needed for traditional gel-based or chip-based methods. Lab901 has been selling its D800 and DS12 DNA ScreenTape products into the PCR diagnostics market for the past 18 months and has now shipped over 100 systems globally. ScreenTape is manufactured at Lab901’s production facility in Loanhead, Edinburgh.

About the ScreenTape® System:

The ScreenTape system is a fast and convenient bench top automated system for gel electrophoresis. Customers simply load their samples and the ScreenTape consumable into the compact TapeStation instrument and within approx. 1 minute per sample, fully analysed results for protein, RNA and DNA samples are displayed.

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