inVentiv Health Communications/Europe Establishes Headquarters

LONDON, Feb. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- inVentiv Health Communications/Europe (iHCE), an inVentiv Health company and leader in global healthcare communications, today announced the official opening of its new headquarters in London to serve as a hub for all European offices and support the rapid growth of the company's consolidated communications business.

iHCE, dedicated to delivering exceptional multi-channel, multinational marketing, will provide governance and operational support to enhance customer service across all communications offices and foster closer collaboration with inVentiv Health's other commercial services including sales and patient outcomes.

inVentiv Health is a global provider of clinical, commercial and consulting services to the healthcare industry and last August announced the launch of iHCE. Since then, iHCE has focused on building a "Super Agency" governed by a single management philosophy that facilitates true collaboration between inVentiv's best-in-class advertising, public relations, public policy, market access, medical education, marketing, branding and digital services.

Done as One
iHCE's new operational hub enables this "Done as One" management philosophy that removes barriers between communications disciplines to create teams that view problems from multiple perspectives and then draw upon the needed expertise to deliver programmes that quickly achieve their goals.

"From deep collaboration emerge solutions that are unique in the healthcare industry," said Bob Chandler, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications of inVentiv Health and Head of iHCE. "Our company structure allows us to draw upon a wealth of talent and deep insight across many disciplines, while our new European Headquarters helps us better serve our clients and facilitate growth throughout Europe. This is a very exciting time."

iHCE's leadership team also announced the appointment of Nick Bartlett, Damon Caiazza and Peter Comber to senior management roles. Bartlett will lead iHCE's digital and social media business, Caiazza will head advertising, and Comber will oversee the company's creative services.

Bartlett joins iHCE from Publicis Life Brands Resolute, where he held the position of Digital Strategy Director. iHCE promoted both Caiazza and Comber, who fulfilled similar roles at GSW Europe, an inVentiv Health company. All three will work closely within specific markets and with inVentiv business units to support ambitious goals for local and regional growth through the delivery of best-in-class services.

Fiona Hall, Senior Managing Director of iHCE, said, "We are committed to providing clients with a multidisciplinary approach that taps the expertise of all healthcare marketing disciplines, and today's appointments reinforce this commitment. As part of our senior management team, Nick, Damon and Peter will support our go-to-market strategy rooted in client demand for effective, actionable multidisciplinary services that reach target audiences with greater speed and relevance."

About inVentiv Health Communications/Europe
inVentiv Health Communications/Europe (iHCE) is a full-spectrum, healthcare specialist "Super Agency" dedicated to delivering exceptional multi-channel and multinational marketing programmes. iHCE provides relevant, targeted and flexible marketing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and organisations with a healthcare focus, enabling clients to excel in a rapidly changing environment. The company's unified offer brings together inVentiv Health's advertising, public relations, public policy, market access, medical education, marketing, digital and branding services. The company is based in Switzerland with operational headquarters in London.

About inVentiv Health
inVentiv Health, Inc. is a leading global provider of best-in-class clinical, commercial and consulting services to companies seeking to accelerate performance. inVentiv's client roster includes more than 550 pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences companies. With 13,000 employees in 40 countries, inVentiv rapidly transforms promising ideas into commercial reality. inVentiv Health Inc. is privately owned by inVentiv Group Holdings Inc., an organization sponsored by affiliates of Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P., Liberty Lane Partners and members of the inVentiv management team. For more information, visit

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks that may cause inVentiv Health's performance to differ materially. Such risks include, without limitation: the impact of our substantial level of indebtedness on our ability to generate sufficient cash to fulfill our obligations under our existing debt instruments or our ability to incur additional indebtedness; the impact of the consummation of the acquisition anticipated by this release and any future announced acquisitions, and any additional leverage we may incur in connection with the financing thereof, on our ratings and the ratings of our debt securities; our ability to sufficiently increase our revenues and maintain or decrease expenses and cash capital expenditures to permit us to fund our operations; our ability to continue to comply with the covenants and terms of our senior secured credit facilities and to access sufficient capital under our credit agreement or from other sources of debt or equity financing to fund our operations; the impact of any default by any of our credit providers or swap counterparties; our ability to accurately forecast costs to be incurred in providing services under fixed price contracts; our ability to accurately forecast insurance claims within our self-insured programs; the potential impact of pricing pressures on pharmaceutical manufacturers from future healthcare reform initiatives or from changes in the reimbursement policies of third-party payers; our ability to grow our existing client relationships, obtain new clients and cross-sell our services; the potential impact of financial, economic, political and other risks, including interest rate and exchange rate risks, related to conducting business internationally; our ability to successfully operate new lines of business; our ability to manage our infrastructure and resources to support our growth; our ability to successfully identify new businesses to acquire, conclude acquisition negotiations and integrate the acquired businesses into our operation, and the resulting synergies; the resolution of purchase price adjustment disputes in connection with our recent acquisitions and related impacts; any disruptions, impairments, or malfunctions affecting software as well as excessive costs or delays that may adversely impact our continued investment in and development of software; the potential impact of government regulation on us and on our client base; our ability to comply with all applicable laws as well as our ability to successfully implement from a timing and cost perspective any changes in applicable laws; our ability to recruit, motivate and retain qualified personnel, including sales representatives; the possibility that client agreements will be terminated or not renewed; any potential impairment of goodwill or intangible assets; consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry; changes in trends in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries or in pharmaceutical outsourcing, including initiatives by our clients to perform services we offer internally; the potential liability associated with bringing new drugs to market, including potential liability from injury to clinical trial participants; and the actual impact of the adoption of certain accounting standards; our ability to maintain technological advantages in a variety of functional areas, including sales force automation, electronic claims surveillance and patient compliance. Readers of this press release are referred to documents which may be filed from time to time by inVentiv Health Inc. with the Securities and Exchange Commission for further discussion of these and other factors.

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